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    CA - Fight To The Death: 19 Arrested In Illegal Canary Fighting Ring

    Unbelievable! Canary fighting, these people were putting metal spurs on canaries to have the song birds fight to the death!, disgusting,,,,

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    Seriously?? Okay, these people have something horribly wrong going on in their brains. I can't understand any type of animal fighting but canaries??? For the love of GOD, people!!! Find something to do with your lives!!!!!!!!!

    Justice for Travis

    Sometimes the first step towards forgiveness is understanding that the other person is a complete idiot.

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    Definitely I'm Glad They Were Caught...

    Yes, I couldn't agree with you more, totally disgusting that anyone would harm & abuse these small gentle birds

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    Lightbulb News Link: Video of Canary Fight Ring Arrests Here

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