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    NC - Woman Charged After Locking Disabled 5 yo in 120 Degree Attic


    Thank God these children were rescued before she killed one of them.
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    What the h*** is wrong with this woman?! Poor little boy. Thank goodness he was found before it was too late.

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    I wish she were locked in an attic.

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    (its got a video of the attic from outside the house)

    The woman should be locked away for a long time. Lord knows what else went on in that house!
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    I say euthanize her and put her out of her misery!
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    What is the thought process here? She has to be impaired herself.
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    July 2009:

    Police responding to a report of a 5-year-old being locked in a sweltering, filthy attic were told by other children, "Mommy does this when she gets angry," a prosecutor said Friday...

    Police said the child was naked and covered in urine and feces when, acting on a tip, officers went to the Lowell home Thursday

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    March 2011:

    In Lowell Superior Court yesterday, Judge Paul Chernoff sentenced Kristin Paquette, 29, to six months in jail at the women's facility in Framingham, followed by 3 1/2 years of probation, with conditions that she have no contact with the victim, her son.

    Paquette pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery on a child and reckless endangerment of a child.

    As for Paquette's three other children, who at the time of their mother's arrest in 2009 were ages 3, 7 and 9, the judge ordered Paquette to abide by all Department of Children and Family orders, complete a parenting class, and submit to mental-health evaluation and treatment, according to Middlesex District Attorney spokesperson Jessica Pastore.


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    July 2015:


    -- A young child was "rescued" from a Newburyport home condemned by officials over the weekend due to horrible living conditions.

    Police received an anonymous tip from the state's child abuse hotline and responded to the home to conduct a welfare check. After entering the house at 8 Strong St., they found a 7-year-old child, and the child's relatives living in "deplorable" and unsanitary conditions.

    Kristen D. Paquette, 32, and Debra A. Paquette, 54, will both be charged with reckless endangerment of a child.

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    August 2015:

    A child who is supposed to be in the Department of Children and Families' custody is missing and her mother and grandmother are considered fugitives who police believe have taken the 8-year-old girl out of Massachusetts.
    Kristin Paquette, 32, and her 54-year-old mother, Debra Paquette, were summoned to Newburyport District Court on charges of reckless endangerment of a child...

    They did not show up for their arraignments Tuesday morning and the judge issued warrants for their arrests.

    DCF filed a missing person report for [the child] five days ago after an Essex County Probate and Family Court judge ordered that she be remanded to DCF custody earlier this month.


    Rats, mold, trash, and animal feces lined every inch of the house, blocking entrances to bedrooms and bathrooms, police say...

    n a statement issued late Wednesday night, Massachusetts State Police said the women and the girl had been found at a residence in the Bronx...
    The police lieutenant described the two missing women as hoarders.

    “It was deplorable. People should be ashamed,” Siemansko said. “There was rotting food. There was feces.”

    The 7-year-old girl was not registered for school, according to police. Court documents said the girl had special educational needs, and that her mother claimed she was being home-schooled.

    In the July 5 police report, the responding officer said the girl looked healthy and well-fed...

    Kristen Paquette, the 7-year-old’s mother, was previously involved in a child endangerment case in 2007, when officials determined that copious animals droppings and trash made her home unlivable, according to court documents.

    After a long battle, Paquette addressed the state’s concerns and was able to return to the home, documents show.

    August 2015:

    A mother and grandmother authorities say fled to New York City with their 7-year-old girl after skipping out on a court date in Massachusetts on a child endangerment charge were arraigned Friday...

    Kristen Paquette, 32, and Debra Paquette, 54, were arraigned Friday in Newburyport District Court...

    Prosecutors said the family was deliberately trying to avoid authorities. But the women claim they never received the court summons because it was sent to the home they were evicted from.
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    August 2015:

    A Newburyport mother and grandma who allegedly went on the lam after authorities raided their feces- and vermin-filled home were held on $20,000 bail today for endangering the 7-year-old autistic girl they were raising in squalor.

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    Hmm, I thought this Kristen Paquette in Newburyport was the same person as the Kristen Paquette in Lowell, but now I'm not so sure...

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    According to this it sounds like the same person....

    Kristen Paquette, the 7-year-old’s mother, was previously involved in a child endangerment case in 2007, when officials determined that copious animals droppings and trash made her home unlivable, according to court documents.

    Jmo kseal07

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