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    FL - Horse slaughters have Miami on edge

    Someone is killing the horses of Miami-Dade County. Police say at least 17 horses have been butchered, their carcasses left on roadsides or in stalls or rural pastures. Some think these beloved pets are being killed and sold on the black market to people from other countries where horse is a delicacy. All of the horse bodies are found nearby, stripped of meat. One horse had a young foal next to her but they killed her anyway.

    This story needs more press, 17 horses and I'm just now hearing about it! These monsters have to be caught and spend major time in prison. This is disgusting!


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    Most of the killings have occurred during the weekends in remote and rural locations.
    In order to raise money and awareness, a community rally is being held on August 1st at 7:00 P.M. at the Homestead Rodeo Arena.

    If anyone has any information regarding these incidents, please contact the Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers or call 305-471-TIPS. A $1,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to the arrest of the crime.

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    I saw this on Miami Animal Police on Animal Planet a while ago. Very sad for sure. They said then that they thought it may be Mexicans either eating the meat or selling it.
    Happy New Years

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    First cats now horses, Florida sure seems like somewhere I dont want to live right now.

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    Angry FL - Pet Horses in Butchered, Miami

    By Kim Segal and John Zarrella

    MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Geronimo was a beautiful painted quarter horse.

    Geronimo "was irreplaceable," says the woman who owned him.

    "He was a type of horse that he got along with everybody," says owner Ivonne Rodriguez. She had Geronimo for five years -- until his slaughtered carcass was found under a tree.

    Continued at:

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    Between the case of the mutilated cats I've been following from Miami-Dade, and now these poor beautiful horses. What is this world coming to ~ it seems to be filled with sick, depraved and barbaric people. MOO
    Rest in Peace
    Joey, Summer, Gianni & Joseph Mateo

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    This is just sickening and I am furious! Someone is slaughtering these horses for their meat? To eat? To cure AIDS, relieve symptoms of chemo? WTF??? This is just horrible. I have a saying at work - "I can't fix stupid". I guess I am going to have to bring that over to WS's for "I can't fix evil AND stupid". Good grief. I am a horse owner, and I would just be devastated if something like this happened. I hope they find the stupid, evil person that did this.

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