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    MA - Mom Locked Toddler in Attic, Cops Say

    LOWELL, Mass. (Aug. 1 ) - Police responding to a report of a 3-year-old being locked in a sweltering, filthy attic were told by other children, "Mommy does this when she gets angry," a prosecutor said Friday.
    Kristen Paquette, 27, was charged with reckless endangerment to a child and assault and battery on a child and was being held on $10,000 bail after arraignment Friday in Lowell District Court. Her family and attorney portrayed her as an overwhelmed mother dealing with an especially unruly child.


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    I am so sick and tired of reading just how many children are being abused and mistreated. This so called mother will never get all of the punishment she so deserves. They never do.
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHICANA View Post
    It's not the same case. Two different mothers in two different states.

    The fact there are stories so similar they seem the same is deeply disturbing. Why do these woman keep having so many babies by so many different men and then plead they are overwhelmed?

    He said his daughter was raised in Lowell and is unemployed. She has been abandoned by the fathers of her boys, he said, and only has contact with the father of the girl.

    The family in this situation is so ignorant it is scary.

    "I was in the apartment yesterday morning. ... I didn't smell nothing. It just smelled like a home," he said. "My daughter isn't some evil monster that she's being portrayed to be. She's just a regular mom, and she has a child that needs special services. She's been trying to get him help and nobody's helping her."
    Has the family ever tried to help her get the help? Help is there on many different levels.

    Paquette said the boy in the attic was born three months premature, has chronic lung problems and exhibited behavioral problems despite reassurances from doctors who have examined him.
    "He's like a child with ADHD on steroids. He's very hyperactive," Paquette said.
    So locking this baby in the attic will make him have fewer behavioral problems? The child has lung problems and they lock him in a hot, dirty attic.

    Richard Paquette, the woman's uncle, told reporters there was nothing wrong with disciplining out-of-control children.
    "You've got to try to get some kind of control. There's no abuse, no abuse whatsoever," he said.

    What an ignorant statement!!! If they locked the uncle in the attic, I guess it would not be abusive. What cruel indifferent people -- no wonder the child has behavior problems.

    Two of the other children, ages 6 and 9, were placed in state custody, as was a third child who wasn't home at the time. Alfred Paquette said he was with the child at Fenway Park, watching the Boston Red Sox defeat the Oakland Athletics.
    Is this grandpa's idea of helping? Taking one grandchild to a baseball game while the three year old is locked in the attic. This is incredible.

    Based on this article, I would not give the children to anyone in this family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaLaw2000 View Post

    I am so sick and tired of reading just how many children are being abused and mistreated. This so called mother will never get all of the punishment she so deserves. They never do.
    LaLaw, me too. And I have fleeting radical thoughts on the issue that many people (even I sometimes) would disagree with. For example, if you abuse your own children (for instance, cases of extreme purposeful abuse like burning them with cigarettes, purposefully starving them, breaking their bones repeatedly) you should be legally sterilized and not able to have any more. People abuse their children, which results in their children being taken away, and then they simply turn around and have more children! It is beyond ridiculous.

    I feel the same way about animals. I think that people should at least be required to complete a training class to be able to own a pet.

    I also think one should have to be able to prove one's mental and financial fitness to have over three fetuses inserted in your womb at a time. Science and technology have made wonderful advances but now our society needs to start thinking ahead and asking ourselves do we want the strain of any more Octo-Moms?

    Don't get me started on the recidivism rates on child molesters. Child molesters are individual ticking time bombs.

    I know these are radical thoughts (which would stomp all over our personal liberties) and even I don't know how they would be implemented.

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    If the family of this woman knew she was overwhelmed with the children, some one should have been there to help take some of the burden off her.
    I have a child who is Autistic he is 9. He was diagnosed at 2 years old.
    Having a child with a diabilty at times is really overwhelming, I at least have my husband and a great support team through the schools and doctors that have helped me get through alot, my family lives in another state. There are even services here that have people come to your home and watch the kids or help clean your home if you need it for a break.
    It is unfortunate that she felt putting him in the attic was the answer to get away from him. Maybe now she can get the help she needs...I am truly sorry the children had to go through all this..by the way where is the dad or dad's ?
    What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you....
    Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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    Hopefully they do not let her family have custody of the kids either because they seem to condone her actions. Obviously she wasnt doing too much "cleaning" if the Health Dept condemned the apartment.

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    March 2011:

    In Lowell Superior Court yesterday, Judge Paul Chernoff sentenced Kristin Paquette, 29, to six months in jail at the women's facility in Framingham, followed by 3 1/2 years of probation, with conditions that she have no contact with the victim, her son.

    Paquette pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery on a child and reckless endangerment of a child.

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