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    "Residential school remembered

    George Beeswax remembers growing up in the Mount Elgin Indian Industrial School where he lived a life of hard work and cruelty".

    June 15, 2012 14:45

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    Posted this article on this other thread:
    [ame=""]CANADA Possible SK targetting sex trade workers in Ottawa, Ontario [/ame]

    Morrisseau murder probed for links to suspected serial killer
    Updated: Friday, June 29, 2012 05:23 PM EDT

    Gatineau police will reach out to their Winnipeg counterparts to explore any potential links between the unsolved murder of Kelly Morrisseau and those of a suspected serial killer charged in the deaths of three aboriginal women.

    Morrisseau, a 27-year-old aboriginal woman who lived in Vanier, was seven months pregnant when her body was found in the early morning hours of Dec. 10, 2006, by a hiker in Gatineau Park. She had been stabbed a dozen times.
    - - - - - -
    But with the June 21 arrest in Winnipeg of Shawn Cameron Lamb, the Morrisseau case is getting renewed attention as Gatineau police determine whether there may be any links.
    A drug-addled drifter with more than 100 convictions, 52-year-old Lamb is charged in the deaths of three aboriginal women: Tanya Jane Nepinak, Carolyn Sinclair and Lorna Blacksmith.

    full article:
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    "Premiers, aboriginal leaders seized with mitigating violence against women"

    Heather Scoffield, The Canadian PressJul 24, 2012 15:32:00 PM

    "OTTAWA - If Bernadette Smith could pull up a chair at Wednesday's meeting between Canada's premiers and aboriginal leaders, she would tell them about her missing sister and chances are, the politicians would listen.

    Violence against aboriginal women has surged to the top of the agenda for the premiers and the leaders of First Nations, Inuit and Metis groups gathering in Lunenburg, N.S. and for that, Smith is grateful".


    " First Nations researchers have estimated that there are more than 600 aboriginal women who have gone missing over the past two decades, and that problems of violence against aboriginal women are profound, on reserve and off.

    The issue has been debated in aboriginal circles for years, but has taken on significant momentum since the arrest last month of Shawn Cameron Lamb, accused in a string of killings involving aboriginal women in Winnipeg"

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