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    WI - Ralph Anderson cleared in '81 murder of Charise Kamps

    "A Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge dismissed rape and murder charges against Ralph Armstrong on Friday based on the misconduct of a Dane County prosecutor who concealed evidence of Armstrong’s innocence.

    Armstrong was convicted in 1981 of the rape and murder of fellow University of Wisconsin-Madison student Charise Kamps. He has always maintained his innocence."


    "At a hearing in April, a woman testified that she called Assistant District Attorney John Norsetter in 1995 to report that Armstrong’s brother, Stephen, confessed to the crime. Stephen Armstrong was visiting his brother at the University when the crime occurred and was interviewed by police as a possible suspect immediately after the crime.

    Even though Armstrong’s case was on appeal when Norsetter [the prosecutor] learned of the confession in 1995, he never told defense attorneys about the phone call and never pursued the lead. Stephen Armstrong has since died."

    Below is the link to Judge Kinney's decision that was handed down on Friday, in which he says: "The facts of this case are as unusual as a five hundred year old rain. But the prejudice to the defense was not an act of rain."

    I highly recommend that you read the entire ruling so as to gain an appreciation for prosecution ethics.


    This case is yet another example of a prosecutor who has no shame and no conscience. But this is not atypical as also noted in the article. To wit: "Prosecutorial misconduct has played a role in scores of wrongful convictions that were later overturned with DNA testing – and, in many cases like Armstrong’s, prosecutorial misconduct has also prevented innocent people from being exonerated much sooner. Among the 241 people nationwide who were exonerated through DNA testing, fully 25% cited prosecutorial misconduct in their appeals or civil lawsuits. In 38% of those cases, prosecutors were accused of withholding evidence that could prove innocence."

    (I just flew back in. The media has not yet latched onto the outcome in this wrongful conviction case. This is all that is available on the web.)
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    Looks like it was covered by the local TV stations on July 31. Now it's in the Chicago Tribune, and I hope it spreads from there.

    Chicago Tribune:



    Wisconsin State Journal


    North Country Gazette

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    Thank You for the info Wudge. I was born and raised in Madison, even having my first apartment on East Gorham, although it was over a decade after Charise's murder, but I never heard of this crime. I have read what I believe is the motion for a new trial from back in 2005 and I agree there was some gross violations. I however, although a huge believer in freeing the innocent, am not entirely sure that this man did not commit the crime.
    I am very curious to see where this case goes, as I have lived in New Mexico ever since living apparently a few blocks from this heinous murder committed in Madison.
    I am wondering if New Mexico will attempt charges of parole violation for the admitted drug usage etc... Is that even a possibility? I am going to try to dig up some info on the rape and sodomy charges he was convicted of here in New Mexico. I don't know, I think while he was definitely denied fair judicial proceedings, I think he still may have committed the murder.

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