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    NY - Douglas Lanterman, 29, Manhattan, 15 March 2009


    Doug left work on Wall St., in NYC and boarded a bus at Port Authority to travel to his residence in Independence Township, NJ. He boarded the wrong bus that took him instead to East Stroudsburg Park and Ride in PA. He was last seen at a Walmart and possibly sighted in a homeless man's tent behind the a recycling center in the area. Doug does have a medical condition and requires immediate medical assistance.

    more info at link

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    Sadly, in the area he is believed to be in its fairly easy to just fall off the grid. It's a college town and very close to the Delaware National Rec. Area which means lots of weekend visitors and lots of woods, not to mention the river. Unfortunately, this isn't really being talked about locally, which I cannot understand at all. I hope someone recognizes him and is able to reunite him with his family.

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    That doesn't sound good at all saying an extra prayer for him and his loved ones...
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


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    He's not been found yet, but there are some hopeful signs.


    Independence Township couple looking for volunteers to help find missing son
    Monday, October 12, 2009
    The Express-Times

    Doug Lanterman underwent a religious conversion. Next he wanted his parents to be saved.

    The three of them met last March in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart near Stroudsburg, Pa., his father recalled Friday.

    That meeting happened one day after the Independence Township resident took the wrong bus out of New York City, prompting his parents to look for him. Their son called and arranged the parking lot meeting.

    When they met, Doug Lanterman, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, kept his distance from their car. He spoke about the Bible to his parents and getting rid of their material possessions. His mother, Carole, grabbed his sleeve and told him to come home, but Lanterman told her to keep her hands off him.

    He ran away from the car and was seen the next day walking away from a homeless camp in the Stroudsburg area. He left behind his cell phone, wallet and identification, his father said.

    . . .

    . . . the Lantermans are looking for volunteers to help conduct a search the weekend of Oct. 24-25 in New York City. . .

    Around Labor Day, volunteers and two retired city detectives learned that Doug Lanterman was reportedly spotted in previous months at a park and other public places in the city. Bruce Lanterman said he thought he saw his son in the area of First Avenue and 30th Street.

    "By the time I got there, he had disappeared," Bruce Lanterman said.

    . . .

    Bruce Lanterman said he believes his son is living in a city shelter or with someone in the city. . .
    A blog has been set up as well:

    Doug Thought to Be In Manhattan
    September 25, 2009

    . . . A Labor Day search involving family, friends, and private investigators resulted in probable identification of Doug by multiple witnesses in and around the Bellevue Hospital Center in Kips Bay. The witnesses are mostly homeless and take up temporary residence in the Bellevue Intake Center—a large homeless shelter . . .

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    Missing son may be alive

    New evidence suggests that the man who went missing a year ago after getting on the wrong bus might be alive and well in New York City.

    But for his parents, not knowing for sure is unbearable.
    It was Friday the 13th a year ago when Doug Lanterman went missing after a Martz bus dropped him off in East Stroudsburg.


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    The National Center for Missing Adults


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    Sadly, his remains were found in May 2010 and identified:


    Rest in Peace, Douglas.
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