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    Canada - Montreal, Woman's body found burned, Aug'09 - Giuseppina Rizzi

    Mystery body Montreal's 18th homicide of 2009

    Last Updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 | 12:01 PM ET

    CBC News

    Montreal police are trying to identify the body of a woman found Wednesday morning in a shed near the intersection of Notre Dame and Frontenac streets.
    A pedestrian spotted the body wrapped in a carpet, and called police.

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    This Woman was ID'ed. Police are looking for supects.

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    From March 2013, translated by Google:


    More than three years after the murder of Pina Rizzi, the public was able to put a face on it suspected of killing her. Jean-Philippe Tremblay, 23, appeared yesterday at the Montreal Courthouse, and formally accused of premeditated murder...

    Pina Rizzi had been seen for the last time on August 2 with three men, at the exit of the bar Saphir in Montreal...

    The police would not confirm whether other suspects were still being sought, but said the investigation is still ongoing.

    According to the Journal de Montreal, the SPVM officers who arrested the suspect then left the Wilbrod-Dufour Pavilion for vocational training, were fingerprinted of Tremblay in 2010 following a complaint of death threats.

    A match was then established between his fingerprints and a footprint left by the suspect at the scene of the killing of Pina Rizzi. Investigators also have DNA evidence against him.

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    Jean-Philippe Tremblay, 23
    During trial, the jury watched the defendant’s videotaped police interrogation, during which Tremblay confessed to the crime. They were also presented with a report indicating Tremblay's DNA and fingerprints were found at the crime scene, but couldn’t be matched until 2013, when he was arrested by police for an unrelated offence.

    In closing arguments, the Crown pointed out that Rizzi tried to get away from Tremblay, but was spotted on surveillance video being dragged back into the shed where her body was later discovered.

    Evidence also indicated that Tremblay sexually assaulted Rizzi, forcibly confined her, and struck her with a brick.
    Rizzi's family was ecstatic with the verdict, saying that though it took a long time to reach a verdict, they were pleased justice had been served.

    In a rare move, Justice Sophie Bourque allowed the victim's sister to address the jury.

    "I thanked them several times for rendering justice for my sister Pina, and I wanted to let the accused, Jean-Philippe Tremblay, know the price that this has caused, the price that my family has paid as a result of his act," said Mary Rizzi.

    She explained that her brother, Tony, was terribly shocked by Pina's death.

    "He never really recovered after my sister's death and in 2014 he died of a heart attack," said Mary.
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    How My Family Learned the Truth of My Aunt’s Cold Case Murder

    Jun 20 2017, 11:03am

    I was a teenager when she was killed. The years the grisly crime went unsolved took a toll on all of us.

    In the early morning hours of August 4, 2009, a homeless man searching for a place to sleep stumbled onto Montreal's 18th murder victim of that year. Pierre Painchaud was on a four-day bender that culminated with his desire to get out of the rain that had started. He found a small shed behind an abandoned car dealership just outside Montreal's core, and thinking himself lucky—the door happened to be unlocked. It was not until he entered the structure, huddling down away from the downpour, that he noticed the smell—that of decomposing flesh and the remnants of a fire. The source was Pina Rizzi, a woman so petite that when Painchaud first spotted her delicate feet sticking out from a rolled-up carpet, his first thought was that he had found a dead child. Calling the police, Painchaud set in motion a chain of events that would change lives forever—including mine. You see, Pina was my aunt and I'd spend years awaiting justice.
    Pina Rizzi | Courtesy of Author

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