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    NY - Peekskill, Body found in Blue Mt Reservation, Aug'09 - James Bodeker


    "If these people didn't find it, it would have been there for a while longer," Gleason said.

    The body was hanging from a rope. A small rock ledge was nearby.

    A police dog was brought in to search the area, and forensic investigators checked the body and the immediate surroundings.

    The man was wearing cargo-style shorts, a T-shirt and Adidas sneakers.

    Anyone with information about the matter may call police at 800-898-8477 or send an e-mail to tips@wccops.com."

    The body was in a remote section of the park, and had been there awhile..
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    Are they implying that this was a suicide?
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    The article stated the body was hanging from a tree, if I read it correctly. I would think suicide was a possibility...
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    " Westchester County police said that the medical examiner has ruled the death of James F. Bodeker, 31, of 1783 Jackson St., Mohegan Lake, as a suicide."
    "The cure for crime is not the electric chair, but the high chair."

    -J. Edgar Hoover

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