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A 21-Mar-1982 article in the Delaware County Sunday Times details the disappearance of Cheryl Ann Moser Iacovone, and indicates that she is believed to have been murdered by members of the Warlocks. According to police informants, her body was buried in Tinicum Marsh.

Her Charley Project page is at the following link:

The Delaware County Sunday Times article is not available online. It can only be accessed on microfilm at the Widener University Library.

In addition to Iacovone, the article cites five young women murdered by members of the Warlocks during the 1970's.

* Elizabeth Lande, 21, of Overbrook, who disappeared in Dec'71 and whose body has never been found. Warlocks official Robert Nauss Jr. of Aston was convicted of Lande's murder. Her Charley Project page is at the following link:


* Jean Delozier, 19, of Collingdale, who disappeared Aug'75 and found dead in the Tinicum Marsh in Jan'76.

* Denise Seaman, 17, of Colwyn, who disappeared Apr'75 and found dead in the Tinicum Marsh in Oct'75.

* Mary Ann Lees , 15, and Dorothy Spicer, 16, of Upper Darby, who were both shot to death in Mar'75 and found in the Schuylkill River.
I placed a comment a little while ago on thread Case 485ufpda. I did-not post her name but Elizabeth Lande is the person I was referring to. I wanted to see if the place where the photos were found in the hanger in 69 was known to be a hangout for the Warlocks.