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Thread: NV - Katherine Hobbs murder, Las Vegas, July 1987

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    NV - Katherine Hobbs murder, Las Vegas, July 1987

    I was really surprised to not find a thread on this case. I came across it at, check it out if you can just do a search under her name.

    Very interesting and tragic case

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    I could swear I'd seen this case mentioned here before but I guess it was on Unsolved Mysteries that I heard about it instead.

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    Just saw this case on Unsolved Mysteries recently. Why on earth hasn't this cold case been solved?

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    Okay, now this may be one someone SHOULD ask Tommy Lynn Sells about. He was in the US Southwest around this time and a few months after this abduction/murder, TLS was in Winnemucca, Nevada, where he is credited (at least by some, and per a confession) with the abduction and murder of Stefanie Stroh. The phone call to the police said the man's name was "Robbie" which he could have heard "Tommy" instead. Sells used his real name with all his victims, a chilling reminder that he never intended for them to live to tell anyone his name. . . This is a really sad case, I hope they get some traction on this one soon.

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    Ooops I forgot to add as well that Tommy Lynn Sells did spend time in Las Vegas, and some connection has been made between him and the missing Yvette Mueller of Las Vegas, but I believe that happened a couple of years after this.

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