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    After 4 years missing, Pearl the pug returns home

    I love this story! :Banane21:

    SANTA ANA Pearl the pug rolled and wiggled on the summer grass, her tongue hanging from her mouth like a giant wad of stretched-out bubble gum. Her owner, Richard Rodriguez, patted her stomach and cooed, "Buddha belly, Buddha belly," just like he used to.

    He has no idea where Pearl has been for the past four years. All he knows is that she vanished from his yard about a month after he brought her home, in 2005. And that the phone call he received this week from a Riverside animal shelter was so surprising he couldn't even make sense of it at first.

    "We found your pug."


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    Awwww, I wish Pearl endless treats and Buddha belly rubs for the rest of her life! Her owners look pretty happy too don't they?

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    such a sweet story

    warning to anyone who wants to read this: dont read the comments below, it will turn that smile upside down...

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