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    International Vigil for JonBenet

    That JonBenet's birthday passed with so little comment strikes me as a tragedy of the debating point-scoring competition that this case has become.

    Anyway, how about an international JonBenet Internet vigil? We can set the date and time and choose a children's charity to which we can all contribute a few bucks/quid/euros or else we can donate a penny or two to ACandyRose who keeps her miraculous site up year after year. This would obviously be something for the individual and would be discretionary with no involvement from anybody on this site (ie. If you wanted to, you would give a few pennies to ACR: no one on here would have any involvement).

    I am more than happy to do any organisation of times and anything that anyone feels would be useful. This is for JBR. Your opinion on the perp doesn't matter for these purposes.

    What do you think?
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    This is a great idea and it is all about JonBenet....
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    Capital idea.
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