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    TX - Splendora police officer indicted for solicitation (of a 13 yr old) GRRRR!!!


    A Splendora police officer, indicted in June for criminal solicitation of a minor, will be arraigned Friday morning in the 410th state District Court of Judge K. Michael Mayes.

    Jeremy Laurence Hunt, 36, faces the second-degree felony charge after a yearlong investigation by the Texas Rangers led to the indictment, according to court documents. If convicted, he could face two to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

    While prosecutors with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office would not discuss the specifics of the case or any evidence, the mother of the 13-year-old girl Hunt allegedly was trying to solicit claims Hunt sent more than 1,000 inappropriate text messages to her daughter’s cell phone.

    Sharon Nowak said she first learned of the text messages from Hunt, who lived next door to the Nowaks, in May 2008 when her daughter’s phone rang. Nowak answered it and saw a text message from “JH” stating, “Do you miss me yet?”

    “I thought it was from a friend of hers who lives down the street,” Nowak said. “Then I realized the phone number was my next-door neighbor.”

    (more at the link)

    This is disgusting!! This happened in the summer of 08! this girl is in the same grade and school as my 13 yr old daughter. The neighborhood they live in full of kids. They have had to deal with the POS living next door to them.
    A freaking year to indicted him. Unbelievable!! I do believe there are most likely other victims. Just sickening this guy was a police officer in our town. I can't imagine my daughter being old enough to drive and being pulled over by this POS!! Rant Over!!

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    OMG! That's ridiculous that it took that long! Hope he gets the max sentence, which still won't be severe enough, IMHO.


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    When I was growing up we were taught to respect policeman, teachers, and anyone who had authority. I taught my kids the same thing. Now what are we supposed to teach them? Some cops are bad and some are good...same with the teachers and others in high positions. You have to be suspicious of all of them until you know who is bad and who is good???!!!! It's a pretty sad world we live in these days. The town I live in is a joke where LE is concerned. We have had some real dirty ones but did they get arrested...heck no. The Chief of Police a while back was one of the worst. He stayed until he retired. The cops are also good at turning their heads when they know something but don't want to mess with the situation. We are surrounded by water and drugs come into this town pretty often. It's well known but no arrests except one big one a few years ago and that was by the FBI not the locals. Fishermen that the FBI had been tracking from here to Alaska and back for about three years. Kids here have no respect for the cops.

    It took so long to indict the cop because he is a cop. They were probably hoping the whole thing would go away and they wouldn't have to mess with it. Maybe hoping they could find something against the young girl and her mother.

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