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    MS - Madeline Ponds, 17, Columbus, 20 Nov 1986

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    name variations

    This sounds more like a runaway situation so far so I looked for minor name changes.
    I did a websearch on some variations of the name and found a couple search results for Terri Ponds and Terry Ponds. I did not find anything on a Magdeline Ponds or Maggy Ponds. (I did not search and SS databases though, just used a standard meta search engine.)

    A Terri Ponds is mentioned in this article.

    No one seems to have mentioned if the lunch her mother had brought was also missing or not.

    If there was a bit more on this case I would say it might make a good case to post in the cold case section.

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    Unidentified jane doe, size, stature, hair, description, time frame, all fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jashrema View Post

    Unidentified jane doe, size, stature, hair, description, time frame, all fit.


    Times don't match up---

    Jane Doe found on 2/2/86 and Madeline went missing on 11/20/86.

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    The UID was found on February 2, 1986, but Madeline went missing on November 20, 1986.
    So, that can't be a match ...
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    Good Lord..how stupid of me. I saw it and thought, nov.dec. jan. feb...DUH!

    Pay no attention to me!

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    Detectives pursue tip in missing-girl cold case

    DECEMBER 17, 2010 12:01:00 PM

    Following up on an urban legend, Lowndes County Sheriff's deputies are planning to drain a well in hopes of finding a girl who has been missing more than 24 years.

    Madeline "Midge" Teresa Ponds, of Lowndes County, has been missing since Nov. 20, 1986, when she was 17. She was last seen alone at PJ's One-Stop, a state-line convenience store on Highway 182.

    Investigators believe her body may have been hidden inside a well behind the store, which has been renamed Country Village. The capped well is now under a barbecue pit inside an addition to the building.

    more here

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    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
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    If her body was in that well this whole time, that was one quick murder/robbery. They said less than 5 minutes passed between her mother dropping off dinner and the next customer came in. So the perp drove in, came into the store, cased it out, killed her (perhaps after a struggle tho no struggle is mentioned) found the well, carried and put her in the well, stole the money out of the register, drove off..all within 5 minutes.

    WHy do some think this is a runaway situation when all her belongings were there?

    Plus I have to add, what the hell are the cops talking about that they didn't have the resources "back then" to check the well on the property??? What is that? So they're saying they did not search obvious places for this girl? How many resources does it take to look down a well? Something wrong here..

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    Ohio case reminds region of its missing children

    As Cleveland, Ohio, families welcome home decade-lost daughters this week, north Mississippi families still ache and wonder the fate of at least nine children.


    Madeline Teresa “Midge” Ponds of Columbus went missing when she was 17. She should be 44 with a March 11 birthday.

    Ponds, with bright red hair and green eyes, was working at PJ’s One-Stop on Highway 82 East in November 1986. A customer found the store unattended.

    An investigation revealed some $600 missing from the store and Ponds’ belongings left behind. She was wearing an orange and blue sweater, blue jeans and high-top tennis shoes.

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    Another case where the missing was suspected of being a runaway, but all of her belongings were left behind?

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    It doesn't sound like a runaway to me either. Very suspicious.
    Cindi Lou

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    Has there been any update regarding the well that was going to be drained? I also don't believe she was a runaway, I doubt she would leave in the middle of her shift without her belongings.

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