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    Woman stabbed by boyfriend for not having abortion wasnt pregnant

    WTH? The suspects mother reports that the boy tried to break off his relationship with the 28 year old and she became upset. Preliminary reports indicate that she was not pregnant although she claimed she was and refused to get an abortion when the boy demanded she get one. So he stabbed her multiple times.

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    I think the other question to ask is what was this 28 year old woman doing w/ a boy who just turned 18?

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    Wow. That sounds like a real dream couple - a woman who would lie her way into a relationship, and an emotionally stunted boy prone to violence...

    Thank heavens there is no baby.

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    I found a myspace, it says florida but then in the comments she was still in Mass but moving to Florida. If this is her, she already has a 4 yo child. Really Sad, and the guy is some **** on his myspace.

    there is no reason that a 28 yo woman is involved with a "boy" that just turned 18. I hope she pulls through though for the sake of the 4 yo.
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    Aug 13, 2009 Stabbing. Im the victim

    I just wanted to clear the air here. I am the victim. I was stabbed 17 times with a butcher knife. Whoever said he was my boyfriend has things confused. I didn't even know Alex. I in no shape or form was pregnant by him. He was the friend of my past roommate who needed to talk because his girlfriend was pregnant and he didnt want her to have it. He was not sober. He was on something at the time of the attack, and yes I have pulled through, my now 5 year old is to thank for that. I do have to thank you all for all the prayers and wishes.

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