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    Smile Search on for friendly, furry prison escapee

    A fugitive is on the run from the state women's prison in Purdy - but there's no danger.
    That's because the fugitive in this case is one of the service dogs being trained by the inmates to help physically challenged people.


    Hope they find him soon. Having the leash attached poses a danger of him getting caught on something.


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    Poor Indy. I hope they find him soon.

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    Did they find this dog?

    I adopt retired seeing eye dogs. I put my last guy to sleep in 2006. His name was Eric and he served as a guide dog for 9 years before I got him. I miss him. I will be taking my next retired guide dog by June 2010. Her name is Widgeon.
    Service dogs are the best. They deserve a loving retirement. Sometimes they are considered non-adoptable because they are old and have illnesses. I took Eric despite his uncontolled diabetes and blindness - yes he was walking his blind owner around while partially blind for a while. The owner refused to euthanize him and I found them by accident lost in a parking lot one day. The Seeing Eye would not give him a new dog until Eric was euthanized. I adopted Eric the next day. Eric required 2 insulin shots daily. This is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life.
    I hope they find this dog.

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