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    So scary

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    Quote Originally Posted by STANDREID View Post
    I don't see where Senk's "alibi" lets him off the hook unless he was many miles away when he parted with his date. Beyond that, parents and romantic partners are notoriously poor alibis anyway.
    From what I understand, it's definitely not many miles away.

    Point marked A is Alliquippa. Point Marked B is Ambridge.

    I don't know if the route marked on the map existed in 1958. However, if it did, that's only a little bit over 4 miles, 9 or so minutes driving. Even if it didn't exist I assume it wouldn't have taken that much longer. He could also have taken less time if he was speeding.

    Another thing I'd like to note. I can't see any other stadium in Aliquippa. Maybe I'm wrong, but that might be the stadium where the POI supposedly was. It's also possible it's a new stadium and that the older one was demolished, of course.

    I couldn't find Ambridge Theater, when I search I only get hits for Ambridge Family Theater, which is near where it says Park Rd Park (bottom of the picture, next to the river, Ambridge side) but more inland.

    I'm sorry, but this seems like a very short distance to me. There's a number of explanations for the time discrepancy when you're dealing with such a short period of time. Maybe the 'date' or one of the boys got the time off by a few minutes. Perhaps he left his date a bit earlier and then his 'date' lied or was manipulated into lying to protect who she thought was a nice man. Maybe he pressured into lying about the time, even his whole date. Etc. etc.

    I just don't understand why LE would take this to be a trustworthy (or valid) alibi.

    , , etc.

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    I have a correction to make to my previous post, I apologize for posting it separately but I wanted to keep in that info in case it might be important to anyone, but also didn't want to make it sound confusing.

    From the Charley Project page:

    Her father gave her two dollars so she could go to a football game in New Castle, Pennsylvania. One of her friends didn't have enough money to go, however, so Rebecca and her friend went to a dance at the now-defunct Workingman's Beneficial Union instead.

    Rebecca left the dance at 11:30 p.m. Some reports say she was going to catch a ride home; other state she told two friends she was going to meet another friend at the Ambridge Theater nearby. Two boys who left the dance at the same time as Rebecca spoke to her in front of the theater.
    This puts her at a location other than the theater at 11:30 - at the Workingman's Beneficial Union, where she was leaving the dance. I misread this in the original post. From searching I found that in 1967, it was located at 332 Merchant Street in Ambridge (please note that by 2001 it had another address, so maybe it moved locations sometimes). If this is where it was located in 1958, then it's a bit farther south. It's not in the map I posted but you can get an idea. Look at where it says 65. It's a few blocks to the southeast from that. Again, this is provided the street numbering is still the same.

    By the time she reached the Theater, it would be a few minutes later, unless it was right next door. I assume she would be walking, too.

    According to Google Maps, it's about a 7 minute drive from where it says Park Rd on the map (I used that as a general reference point) to where it says Harmony Township.

    So here's the general timeline: at 11:30, Rebecca leaves the dance. This is the earliest time Senk's date has given for him leaving the date also. By 11:40, he could be in Ambridge and see Rebecca by the Theater. So he offers a ride, gets scared by the boys, comes back and by 11:45 they're at the drive-in in Harmony.

    This seems like a tight time frame but as I said, maybe he left his date slightly earlier than that. Maybe the 11:30 and 11:45 times given by Rebecca's friend and the drive-in were also slightly rounded up or down.

    It seems odd he could have taken such a little time if he had to threaten her into not asking for help at the drive-in but maybe he lied and said he just needed to get some food and it'd be quick. The Charley Project page says she didn't live very far from Harmony. In fact, Baden (where she lived) is to the north of Ambridge. He could have said he was taking a quick detour east to Harmony before going northwest to her home.

    I also wonder if she might know who he was. From one of his pictures on the Charley Project page he looks relatively young, maybe his 20s, so maybe he could have set up a date with her (I'm not blaming her at all, just saying that sometimes guys like this can come across as harmless and even nice and trustworthy).

    Everything in my posts is just my opinion unless it's a quote. ||| please don't quote my posts outside of this site without my permission.
    I'm no longer very active on WS due to lack of time, if you'd like to keep in touch feel free to PM me though.

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    About a month before Becky disappeared, Laurenza remembers she and Becky were sunbathing on the Triskas' lawn in Baden when a nice looking, dark-haired man approached the house. Laurenza said Becky asked her father who the man was, and he told the girls the man was a knife salesman. Laurenza can’t say for sure if the man was Senk, but she believes there are too many coincidences for him not have been Senk...

    Senk had scratches on him when he was taken into custody. Laurenza said Becky was a strong girl. She recalled one time when they were joking around and Becky grabbed her hand. “God, she almost broke my finger... She was not weak at all,” she said. “She probably tried fighting him off”...

    Along with the hair samples from Senk’s car, investigators also have strands of Becky’s hair provided to them by her family. The FBI has agreed to test the hair samples to see if any DNA could be extracted that would prove Becky was in Senk’s car. However, recent cases must take precedent, so it is unknown when the tests will be run.

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    This case is now 56 years old.

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    Bump. Rebecca has been missing for 58 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scriptgirl View Post
    That link states that the man suspected of killing Rebecca had a criminal past, but does not elaborate on what he was charged with.
    The DN extract quoted above mentions him being parolled for a "morals" charge. I would be very surprised if that was not a sex offence. Reading between the lines it suggests it was a charge of corrupting a minor, so it looks as though he escalated from seduction to murder. I would guess there's at least one rape offence between those known two offences.

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    I let my Ancestry subscription lapse, but was wondering if anyone has looked Senk up to see if he even had any nieces?

    Without a subscription I couldn't locate him on the census, but I think there were a couple yearbook photos of him that I couldn't view. He should have been born about 1933.

    Also I found there was another suspect, a guy named Edward Seager. He apparently was mentally ill and told LE that he had killed a girl and buried her in a mine, then he recanted and said "If a girl is found in the mines, I killed her. I just don't know if I killed a girl." (May not be quoted exactly word for word). He apparently was released from prison on the very day Rebecca went missing. Don't know if he was ever ruled out as a suspect.



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    Interesting court article from 1974

    Trust Your Instincts

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    A recent cold case video looking back on Rebecca's case. Interviews w/ detective, family and her friend.

    They also say Senk was the knife salesman Rebecca's friend referred to who visited their house before she was kidnapped. FBI has not yet tested the hair samples found in Senk's car.

    All statements are my opinion only.

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