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    MD - Betty Marie Roberts, 29, Baltimore, 3 Nov 1959

    Betty Marie Roberts
    Missing since November 3, 1959 from Baltimore, Maryland.
    Classification: Missing

    Vital Statistics

    Date Of Birth: July 16, 1930
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 29 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'7"; 130-140 lbs.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair; blue eyes.
    Tattoos: Tattoo of "Jeff" on left arm below the elbow.
    Dentals: Dentures. Dental charts not available.
    Fingerprints: Not available
    Photos at link below.

    Circumstances of Disappearance

    On November 3, 1959, Betty Marie Roberts left Charlotte, NC, with a male aquaintance. She wrote a letter to her sister, three days later. The letter was postmarked Baltimore, MD. Betty Roberts was never heard from again.

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Maryland State Police
    Sgt Jack McCauley

    Agency Case Number: 04-40-00269
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    The Doe Network: Case File 1364DFMD



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    Bumping thread up...

    Betty has been missing for over 50 years now. If still living, she would be 80 years old.

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    The News - Jan 3, 1994

    AKA: Betty Marie Roberts Atwell (from link above)

    Betty had 2 daughters. Betty was reported to have left with a man named Charles Wegman but an FBI agent Id'ed him as Charles Dennison.

    Just FYI for anyone that wants to try to track.

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    From http://www.cyberpages.com/minidb?pro...month=9&pos=80
    Notice different spelling of Wigaman

    Betty Marie Roberts Atwell
    Betty was born in Jackson, Tenn. on July 16,1930 Father was John Ira Roberts and Mother Lena Rhodes Roberts. Married to Martin Willliam Jefferson, and George Conrad Atwell. Left Charlotte, NC on Nov.3, 1959 with a man named Charles Wigaman also known as Charles Dennison. Recieved a postcard 3 days later from Baltimore Maryland saying she was all right and would write later. No one has ever heard from her again. Betty has a 2 daughters and her sister Louise Doane looking for her. BETTY WE LOVE YOU PLEASE COME HOME! You have some beautiful grandchildren.
    City: Charlotte,NC
    Email: Mamagyuver@aol.com
    Entry #12474 added on September 11, 1999 Report this entry.

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    Found this on rootsweb...

    I don't know if this is related or not, but thought I'd pass it on- from a post on Rootweb Message boards in 2000:

    "I am looking for information on Betty Atwell. Born around 1933. I believe from North Carolina, but known to be in Daytona Beach Fl in Late March or early April of 1963. Anyone able to help me, please e-mail me at xxxxxx@aol.com"

    and from the same person later in 2001:
    "I am looking for information on my birth parents/family.
    I was given up for adoption when I was born 3/31/63 in Daytona Beach, FL.

    The only information that I have is that my birth mother came to FL from North Carolina to have the baby/babies (possible twin) and give me up for adoption.
    I know this is a long shot, but I was hoping maybe someone could help me."

    The following are replies to this query:

    "Do you know any more info on Betty Atwell. I have an Aunt Betty who had many children and gave many up for adoption. She was from Baltimore though.I realize that there are many Betty Atwells, but not many who have the adoption link. Please let me know."
    and a follow up by the same person:
    "xxxx, I just finished talking to my mom. She said that my aunt did have twins. One of them was adopted to the owners of Sander's and Sons funeral home here in Baltimore, MD. I think it is on North ave. I don't know if it still around, but it probally is. She recalls my aunt taking one baby to the train station and giving her to a xxxxxxxx? She said she (xxxx) was delivering the baby to someone. My uncle was stationed in Fort Bragg, NC for a while previously before 1963. I know my grandmother lived in Florida for a short while after retiring, but I think that wasn't around your time frame. My mom said you are welcome to call her if you would like to see if it is the same Betty Atwell."

    I doubt it's connected, but with the North Carolina and Baltimore, MD connection, thought it was a possibility.

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    Interesting posts about the adoptee searching for birth mom named Betty Atwell. But I think it likely that these are two separate persons, since the birthmom was around in 1963, and Betty Marie Roberts disappeared in 1959.

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    I'll admit that what I have to say is stupid, but it will get her bumped up in the forum and more people will read about her...

    I came across Betty's profile today while looking for possibles that could've been a DE UID.

    I saw that she was last seen with a guy that called her "Poo Poo."

    I read that just as one of my cats (Ms Poo Poo) was sitting nearby and staring at my chair. She is waiting for me to get up and then she's gonna steal my seat.
    BTW... Two of my cats are named Ms Poo Poo and Ms Pee Pee, but they're actually not named after childish terms for biological functions. Their names are short for Puglia and Polly P.

    Despite this being a childish (or just flat-out stupid and tacky) comment...
    I hope that since it will push her up to the front, more people look over and think about her disappearance.

    There haven't been any posts on this thread for around 4-yrs...

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    This is an interesting one and is also one that LE should have been able to progress. It is clear that the man that Betty went with was known to LE and so this should have provided a solid start to enquiries. I presume that, at the time, LE regarded this as a case of Betty choosing to leave and so not requiring investigation. However, you would have thought that after their was no news for several years, they would have looked at the case with fresh eyes. It may be that Betty chose to break contact with her family and/or that Charles Wegman/Dennison was just her latest partner and of no other significance. But any investigation should start with him, at least to determine what he could say about her movements after leaving Charlotte. Which brings us on to the question of 'who was Charles Wegman'?

    I would start from a presumption that his real name was Charles Dennison if he was known by that name to the FBI. For obvious reasons it is not easy to identify people of that name who would be known to the FBI in the 1950s. However, there are two such individuals recorded. The first is a Charles Dennison Rowland, recorded in FBI files from California in the early 50s. However the circumstances of the FBI interest seems to rule him out. He was investigated for having communist sympathies and publishing a homosexual journal, an unlikely background for this case. The other individual is more straightforward, but the FBI link is tenuous as they would only known him due to his criminal record. Ancestry holds records of a Charles Clifford Dennison, born 22 September 1922 in Houston, Texas. His birth details put him in the right age group and link him to Houston. Ancestry also holds two records from the Texas Convict and Conduct Register showing him serving prison sentences in 1949 and 1951 to 1953 for burglary and theft. The earlier record also gives his residence as New York, showing that he travelled around and was familiar with the East coast. This Charles Dennison died in 1983. I am not sure whether this is the Charles who accompanied Betty but it seems the best bet on current information. It is possible that Betty's sister and daughters contacted this man or his family and ruled him out as they looked for Dennisons in Houston (see https://news.google.com/newspapers?n...,1673809&hl=en). I also have some trouble matching his height in prison records (5ft 9) with the families description of 'tall', but he was tall enough to make it a possible description at a stretch.

    If I was investigating this case my first activity would be to try to confirm or rule out Charles Clifford Dennison, and if I could not rule him out I would look for any surviving family to see if they recall anything he may have said which could help.

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