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    TN - Carla Hicks, 38, Lebanon, August 2009

    LEBANON, Tenn. - A local firefighter posted bond after being arrested in connection with his wife's death.

    Police arrested 43-year-old Michael Hicks Sunday in connection with last week's apparent murder of 38-year-old Carla Hicks. Facebook friends confirmed Carla Forbes - Hicks, a 1989 graduate of McNairy Central High School, was deceased.


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    you guys this was my first post but i know you guys can dig into anything.This poor ladys body was found part naked and dumped in a remote area .I live about 10 minutes from where she was found.The sad part that they are showing on out local news tonight is he is out of jail on bond and they are only saying they charged him with abuse of a corpse .Hes saying it suicide. Why would you dump your wifes body if she killed herself

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    Hi Joyce, I did a search and there just aren't that many articles out yet for Carla.

    I saw three plus the one you posted. The one you posted had much more detail.

    Here is my interpretation as to what is happening right now. (from reading the article)

    Her autopsy was inconclusive (I take that to mean the physical autopsy, they still have to do tox screens which take time).

    This stuck out for me in the article:
    ... On Monday, Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe said that ski rope and plastic material were found binding the victim's head and hands...
    Right now they have only charged him with abuse of a corpse and he is out on bond. He has been suspended from his job until a hearing.

    I think with TBI being involved that they are gathering enough evidence to charge him and keep him. If they are going to charge him with say murder, then they would have to have enough evidence of that crime to ask the court to proceed forward with a trial.

    ... investigators strongly suggested he had something to do with Carla's death...
    There is a video to the upper right hand of the article posted by Joyce D. It is being reported that the investigators are just stopping short of naming him as her murderer but that they do think he is responsible (my words not the reporters).

    I'll be interested to see what evidence they find and how this progresses.

    I'm very sorry for her child, this man's children who are Carla's stepchildren. Rest in Peace Carla.
    "Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind." ~ Henry James

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    How unfortunate! Sounds as if LE is wanting to get all of their evidence in order before arresting him for murder. It sometimes takes time - sometimes months, unfortunately. Will keep an eye on this case.
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    Just released tonight who his attorney is and if i was a betting person i would bet he will get 0 punishment from this.Mr Jack Lowery attorney at law Rules in court room in this area.

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    What is it with Tennessee? Why doesn't LE in this state get on these crimes? Do they just keep things more close to the vest, or is this a problem? I'm just reading what is written here and comparing it to the Wix case...so much valuable time was wasted in the beginning of that case and here it is, over five years later, and still no resolution.

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    To answer your question i think its a problem.There are several cases in Tenn that have either gone unsolved or it takes forever for an arrest to be made which we all know gives the prep enough time to destroy evidence.Just like this guy who had already gotten a friends help to change 4 tires for him.Its sad he may never get arrested for murder.


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