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    Stimulus checks lure Floridians to their arrest

    MIAMI (Reuters) – Police in a Florida city used the promise of economic stimulus checks to lure 76 people to their arrest on a variety of outstanding warrants.

    The Fort Lauderdale Police Department set up "Operation Show Me the Money" to round up people wanted on charges ranging from second-degree murder to guns and drug charges to failure to pay child support.

    Using the name of the fictitious "South Florida Stimulus Coalition," police mailed letters asking the suspects to call an undercover phone line and make appointments to claim their money. When they showed up at an auditorium and presented their identification, they were led to an area where uniformed police were waiting to arrest them.


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    I love these stories think of all the money an time saved hunting them down .

    No matter how many times they put the stories out - they still show up in droves

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharpar View Post
    I love these stories think of all the money an time saved hunting them down .

    No matter how many times they put the stories out - they still show up in droves
    Wouldnt you just LOVE to be involved in one of these stings? Just to see the look on their faces would be priceless and to think to yourself.."You stupid idiot"!
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    I have seen these before and they are so hilarious. One I saw these people thought they had won some big grand prize and they came in screaming for joy,only to be cuffed and taken away.

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    This happened in my hometown of Springfield, MO. I had 3 friends who showed up to this hotel and directed into the conference room. The doors were shut behind them and then all the sudden cops busted in from all directions and arrested like 150 people. They had the vans lined up outside to haul them off. It was all for traffic violations like unpaid parking tickets, etc.
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