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    Points of Law in the Hasanni Campbell Case

    A place to discuss, inquire about and debate points of legal interest stemming from the Hasanni Campbell case.

    Please feel free to ask and answer questions, as well as post legal definitions and statutes.

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    I posted this on the arrest thread so I'm thinking I screwed up. I'm soooooo confused. Anyway, here 'tis....

    I believe Burris is going to take this case, pro bono. How many lawyers, especially well established, high profile lawyers, give out advice to those who aren't potential clients and who haven't paid for their time? I don't believe LR or JC have enough money to support the type 'dream team' Burris would have to assemble to fight these charges. Yet he goes and visits them in jail less than 24 hours after they're arrested? He's already their lawyer. Correction, he is already LR's lawyer....watch what I tell you. LR would be the "victim" of having his civil rights violated, if you look at it in that twisted 'let's sue somebody so we can get rich' way. Just based on what we know there are serious problems with this case that can be exploited. Number one, Burris will call the 'lack of support' racially motivated, even if it's unfounded. If Burris can fight this, it will ultimately lead him back to his area of expertise, civil rights violations. Nice, neat package, huh?
    If LR had paid him, he'd retained him. He hasn't, there's your pro bono. Burris talked to LR openly because LR is 'famous.' Since Burris denies being retained, he's visiting LR and JC out of the goodness of his heart? NOT. Burris has dollar signs in his eyes IMO. He's waiting to see if LR is going to cave in and give up the child.
    Reasonable doubt? LE better have some pretty compelling evidence to support that Hasanni was NOT in the parking lot behind Shuz that day. Without it and minus this child's remains, this thing could fall in on LE like a house of cards if Burris gets in it. It's my understanding that, like him or not, he's good.
    If Burris doesn't show up for LR's arraignment I will be shocked. But see the thing is this; if LR gives up the child, Burris' potential defense and possible civil rights case is in the toilet. POOF...Burris gone.
    LR isn't going to give up Hasanni IMO. That's his ace in the hole. And beyond that of divine intervention, I don't think we're going to get Hasanni back.

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    Shutterfly - I screwed up also and I"m confused!. I'm not sure how one separates 'points of law' from 'arrest' from 'discussion'. This is exactly what happened on the Lindsey Baum thread and I all but stopped posting. I understand all the different threads are for upcoming trial - but this kind of division really stops a good, revealing discussion. mho I put the following on the other thread also:

    Hi shutterfly - remember a DEFENSE attorney visited the two of them. No defense attorney will tell Ross or Jennifer to plead guilty or to even hint at guilt...no way! And of course, for the media's sake - he will say they maintain innocence. I don't read much into that announcement. The defense attorney is only doing what he does best - protecting two people he gives advice to. mho
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    Please think long and hard before calling a child a 'run-a-way':
    You might be giving a 'perk' to the 'perp'.

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    I meant this thread as a specific legal questions area, so if we have some legal brains around they can check it and answer questions people might have on the theoretical level (such as California statutes on certain things, or the definition of the charges, etc.).

    If people don't need it, they don't have to use it.

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