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    Possible D/s connection?

    I found the following article on CNN interesting (and telling, to me):


    It states that Jaycee worked while being held -- for Garrido's home printing business.

    In the article, it mentions that she'd sent emails to customers and in those emails, used "short" sentences, and wrote in lowercase letters.

    What I find very telling here is that the smallercase letters she's using are those referring to herself -- "I" -- only she's typing "i" instead of "I", as in, "i am sorry," instead of, "I am sorry."

    I know that in the D/s (Dominant/submissive) culture, this is commonplace (the sub referring to themselves in this "lower" place -- "i" instead of "I".)

    If she was involved in this type of relationship with Garrido (with him being the Dom, she the sub), could this explain how her captivity stretched on as long as it did? Having researched the lifestyle, this would not surprise me one bit. Lots of mental games -- it would be very easy for the right type of person to be mentally conditioned.

    JMHO, of course.

    ETA: I'm not suggesting that this type of relationship is something that Jaycee knowingly, or willingly, entered into at 11, 20, or any age. However, if she was kidnapped and this was HIS way of life, his fantasy he wanted to see lived out, she probably had no choice. And if his wife were involved in this type of relationship with him, as another sub, she would never have lifted a finger to help Jaycee. Again, just my opinion.
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    Well, I didn't think my theory was *that* far out there. The guy's a nut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oh_gal View Post
    Well, I didn't think my theory was *that* far out there. The guy's a nut.

    I just saw this thread. I don't think your theory is that far out at all. It makes a lot of sense. The bit about the lower case for I is telling, IMO. I think more is going to come out about this and you will be proven correct!

    All kinds of hugs!


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