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    Share Your Theory: What happened to Hasanni?

    Everyone has one. Some are the same, some differ slightly, and some are vastly different. This thread can be used to explore your own interpretation of what has been presented in this case thus far, and ultimately the number one question: Where Is Hasanni?

    "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but I still can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do." ~Helen Keller~

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    I believe whatever happened to Hasanni was possibly an accident but due to neglect. Maybe Hasanni found the sword or was left in a hot car. I think LR was solely responsible and just didn't care enough about Hasanni to protect him. I also think LR had convinced JC she had to cover this up with him.

    JMO, of course!
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    I find it interesting to try and figure out what happened- I will give it a try.
    Ross is as guilty as I've ever seen a person...Jennifer doesn't know that so she is actually innocent of this crime. But Ross - - guilty! MOO

    What did he do with the child? My opinions only:

    Ross is way too controlling to throw little Hasanni 'freefall' and uncontained into an area. Ross is also somewhat obsessive compulsive - mo

    Ross has tremendous anger over the 'unfairness' he has experienced in life - he perceives each 'unfairness' as caused by others and takes no responsibility for any of them - Ross is just the innocent victim. His unrealistic expectations of little guy Hasanni resulted in intolerance and disgust of his 'special needs status' - mo

    His steadfast and preposterous story is that Hasanni was abducted - probably by a sex offender at Jennifer's place of work. He wants us to believe that - so I think Ross would put Hasanni in places a pedophile would throw a child. One needs to add a touch of anger, familiarity, disgust, and OCD. I believe that story was put together on the run when an 'abducting Hasanni from the home while Ross was at the bank' story fell apart. moo

    Maybe he got rid of the body in a container that keeps everything neat, tidy, and together (unidentifiable suitcase, box, or garment bag), and threw it into a shallow grave, sewer, or dumpster.

    Perhaps a nearby construction site about to pour cement or dig up the earth?

    A smaller body of water that would keep a body, box, or suitcase, trapped and contained. I keep thinking about a dam - the kind a beaver builds. Traps everything!!!!

    I'm not sure this little body will ever be found!
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    Please think long and hard before calling a child a 'run-a-way':
    You might be giving a 'perk' to the 'perp'.

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    I'm going to ramble.....just this once...don't beat me...

    The more I go over and over it, the less likely I think it is that LWR disposed of Hasanni in Monterey, or in Hayward or Fremont for that matter. Why Rockridge? Why was that location selected to enact LWR's screenplay? I think it's all going to have to 'fit.' Sociopaths are gifted with details because enough of them have to line up in their favor to make them seem believable.

    LWR is a lot more experienced than Casey. And in order to fit in with his screenplay, it seems to me that Hasanni will have to be found in the area surrounding Rockridge.( LWR says "See, I told you he was kidnapped from Rockridge, they must have dumped him in a hurry!") Caylee was dumped before the nanny story was concocted. In Hasanni's case, I think it all happened at the same time. In order to be 100% certain Hasanni would never be found he'd have to be a magician, and he's not. Or he'd have to cremate him, and smoke draws attention, especially in wildfire season! Surely he's got sense enough to know not to pull a Casey and put him, say, in Lake Elizabeth?!? He'd have to be a complete moron to dump that child thirty miles from the abduction site, back in the direction from which he'd come before the abduction.

    So, if he didn't deviate from his original schedule, route and appointments enough so that LE doesn't know which way to turn, then Hasanni has got to be very close to the route he took (say within four miles or less) and very near Rockridge, "just in case" he's found. Clearly, poor LE has no idea where to look. That speaks volumes. There is nothing glaring at them that sticks out enough to justify a possible lead. They searched where they knew he'd been. Fremont parks. Hayward. Rockridge, in the vicinity of where he was reportedly abducted. He volunteered that he went to the bank. Hasanni isn't close to the bank. He volunteered that he went to Pick Your Part. I don't think Hasanni is in Hayward either. I also think if Hasanni were in Lake Elizabeth, LWR would be standing on his head at the prospect of it being searched, saying WHY ARE WE NOT FOCUSING ON ROCKRIDGE, where he claims Hasanni was last seen.

    He said he left an hour earlier than normal because of this earlier appointment, yet he was 10-15 minutes late. We know this because he says that he usually drops the kids off at 5 pm, so he was supposed to be there at 4pm on this day. He doesn't volunteer that he was 10-15 minutes late because of traffic or because he had to stop. It's what he's not saying that's important. So why was he late? That seems pretty crucial to me. Therefore, I think that extra 10-15 minutes was spent dropping off Hasanni...somewhere other than Shuz, but in the same general area.

    He didn't call ahead to have the back door opened...that one day, out of all the times he's dropped the children off. He'd never left him standing by the back door before. All of these 'first's' for something so routine? Maybe the inconsistencies were a result of a story still being perfected? In the car, by the car, by the door, etc. He was late, so he did what he did, which took up more time, because he was late? I call bs. And why would Jennifer not be livid, from jumpstreet, that he left Hasanni standing by the back door alone...to be kidnapped?

    If he did everything he normally does and volunteered just enough to make most of his story believable, that explains why LE doesn't know where to look. He didn't stray far enough from his routine route to red flag his cell pings....just like Casey didn't.

    Rockridge, or within four miles or less of Rockridge, right along his normal route....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but I still can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do." ~Helen Keller~

    Sometimes a man can meet his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.

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