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    NV - Elko Co., WhtFem 125UFNV, 25-27, blonde, may be from WY, Nov'93

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this. But could maybe some people check out these two links and tell me if they think this could possibly be the same person? I know the states are different but it's right along I-80....


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    I'd say it's a possibility.
    Differences: 3 inches in height; 20 pounds; the brow line/bones seems different

    It can't hurt to suggest that they consider it. Believe me, her family will appreciate the fact that someone is looking.

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    Thanks Pandora, I did send it to a tip line, just in case. Haven't heard anything back yet. The "unidentified" picture is really just a sketch so makes it hard to tell, too. And on her missing poster they say that Lola had brown hair yet in the pictures that they show, her hair looks blond. Lola's family feels that her boyfriend had something to do with her disappearance, also her car has never been found. So I thought maybe he was going to dump the car and dumped her body along the way. The body was found only 2 days after she disappeared. Can't imagine that they wouldn't have checked this out at the time, though. I know sometimes on the missing posters they are relying on what family/friends may remember about the person - so I think sometimes that height and weight can be a variable. I'm not really sure about that. I'm not sure what kind of forensics would have been used in 1993. Lola had breast inplants - don't know if they would have checked.


    "Please Help Find Lola" Lola was only 28 years old when one day she just vanished. Lola was working as a dancer at Brad's Gold Club and PT's and hanging with the wrong people, when she decided to stop dancing and go back to school. Lola was going to move to Fort Wayne with her sister and when she did not show up her sister reported her missing.

    Her last night there, November 13, 1993, it was reported that Lola was partying with friends at an Eastside Indianapolis apartment and either fell unconscious or overdosed on drugs.

    Lola was at the home of her boyfriend John Ryker who denies any knowledge of Lola's whereabouts. Witness accounts have John Ryker carrying her to his car and driving away. He states that Lola was at his home when he left to go to work. When he returned an hour later he says Lola and her car were gone. But, Ryker has failed two polygraph test.

    Lola and her 1990 Red & Black Mitsubishi Eclipse with personalized license plates that says "Lola" have never been found. The car's identification number has never surfaced.

    Lola has a scar on her right knee and a small scar on her forehead. She has breast implants and used the nickname "Kat".

    Lola's father and family is still holding onto hope to find her and needs your help.

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    Any Family Reading This?

    i'm new to this forum and as a Greenwood resident, have been following the story of Lola Katherine Fry for some time. i would like to get in contact with either a family member or someone who actually HAS the facts on this case.

    recently i have re-read several articles on this disappearance and some of the details either are sketchy, contradict each other or just don't make sense.

    the family has been through so much that i don't want to try and contact them directly. i have tried through a writer of one of the stories, but received no response as well as someone at a local TV station.

    anyone with actual facts on this case reading this? please email me.....


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    If you look at the Doe site for the unid'ed woman, there's some additional info on there - like evidence of alcohol and marijuana - fits with the "partying" story of Lola.


    I think it looks like a pretty good match.

    Any news!??
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    Quote Originally Posted by LButler
    If you look at the Doe site for the unid'ed woman, there's some additional info on there - like evidence of alcohol and marijuana - fits with the "partying" story of Lola.


    I think it looks like a pretty good match.

    Any news!??
    after reading so many local stories on Ms Fry, i would doubt that this was her. i'm not disputing the possible alcohol and marijuana use, only that i would think that this person would have been ruled out by the police agencies involved. at least by now anyway.

    after reading what i have read, the main part of each story that doesn't add up is the 'ex-boyfriends' part in this. they say that they met on the eastside of Indy where she left her car and went with him to the westside of town to this 'party'. it was at this 'party' that its claimed she either passed out or O.D.ed on something and was found laying on the floor. her 'ex' then carried her to his car and took her to his home in Greenwood, south of Indy. after a few hours, he got up and went to work, leaving her in bed. when he returned about an hour later, according to him, Ms Fry was gone as well as her car. QUESTION; how did HER car get to HIS house? it was left on the eastside of town in a restaurant parking lot. IF it was at his house, WHO drove it there? police gave the 'ex' a polygraph test, which was reported he failed. today, 13 years later, he still lives in the same house. WHY? is there something in the house that would be found if he moved out? police didn't search the house for SEVEN YEARS!!! again, WHY?

    just very interesting......

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    Checking in....

    .......to see if anything new has been posted about Lola Katherine Fry.

    if ANYONE knows how to contact a family member, please either post it or email me. the phone numbers and email addresses on line have since either been disconnected or expired.


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    Soulful Searching

    Darlene Pitts pauses every day to look at a small framed picture of her younger sister, then says a short prayer.

    Nearly 14 years after Lola Katherine Fry disappeared, Pitts still hangs on to hope that Fry -- or her body -- will be found some day.

    "If you give up hope," Pitts said, "the only thing left is despair.

    "Now, a new group -- and legislation that could put Indiana at the forefront of efforts to improve searches for adults -- may give families more help finding the nearly 1,300 missing Hoosiers.

    The newly formed "IN Hope, Indiana Missing" has brought comfort and compassion to families in several recent missing-person cases. And though the end results are more often cause for sorrow than joy, the group's efforts can bring much-needed closure.

    "When an adult goes missing, people don't know what to do or where to turn, other than the police, and that isn't always a positive experience," said Patti Bishop, Delphi, founder of IN Hope.

    "Our goal is to help families going through this horrible experience so they know what they need to do, what their rights are and what to expect. We also want to supply manpower, expertise and technology to help law enforcement agencies with searches."


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    NV - I-80 in Elko County - White Female 125UFNV, 20-35, Nov 1993

    Unidentified White Female

    * Located on November 16, 1993 on Interstate 80 in Elko County, Nevada.
    * The victim had been shot twice in the chest.
    * Estimated to have been dead for about six days.

    Vital Statistics

    * Estimated age: 20 - 35 years old
    * Approximate Height and Weight: 5'8"; 144 lbs.
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: Blonde hair; brown eyes.
    * Marks, Scars: She had a scar on her right calf area. She may have previously gone through childbirth.
    * Clothing: She was wearing pink nail polish. No clothing was found at the scene.
    A single pierce mark in each earlobe (no earrings present). A nodular 0.3 to 0.5 cm. nevus-like lesion on the preauricular scalp, above the tragus of the right ear - a depressed plaque-like mottled brown-gray ovoid 3 x 4 cm. scar on the back of the distal right lower leg - a similar colored 3 x 1 cm oval horizontal scar below this and also on the back of the right lower leg.
    * Dentals: Her teeth were in excellent condition but was in the process of having a root canal done on the lower right molar (tooth 31). Has all 32 teeth, impacted wisdom teeth.
    * DNA: Available in FBI NMPDD

    Case History
    The victim was found off the northbound side of Interstate 80, near the Utah border. The site where the body was found lies on the edge of a vast and desolate desert bisected by one of the nation's busiest highways.
    An autopsy found evidence of alcohol and marijuana in the woman's system.
    The victim was found completely nude, lying on her back, her arms spread out to her side in the shape of a cross, legs slightly parted. Investigators believe her killer may have purposefully posed the body. Detectives found drag marks on the ground from the victim's heels. She had been shot twice in the chest with a small-caliber weapon. One of the bullets pierced her heart. She had also been beaten.
    Police believe the victim was killed at another location and later dumped at the I-80 turnoff. Tire tracks found at the site point to a mid-size to large vehicle, possibly a pickup or van.


    Another link:

    Newspaper articles:

    "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out." (The Smiths)

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    Possible Match?


    Janet Rose Dolgae

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

    # Missing Since: October 1, 1989 from Cortland, Trumbull County, Ohio
    # Classification: Endangered Missing
    # Date Of Birth: January 11, 1961
    # Age: 28
    # Height: 5'8"
    # Weight: 140 lbs
    # Hair Color: Brown
    # Eye Color: Brown
    # Race: White
    # Gender: Female
    # Distinguishing Characteristics: Scar on left leg from a lighter
    Medium complexion.
    # Clothing: Black dress pants, black work shirt
    # Jewelry: Rings and earings
    # AKA: Janet Rose Henderson, T.J.
    # Case Number: 08-6473

    Details of Disappearance
    Janet was last seen on October 1, 1989.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Warren City Police Department
    Christopher Clementi
    (330) 394-2521
    (330) 675-2508

    Source Information
    Help Find the Missing
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Some things that stand out--height, weight and age are right on. Eyes and chin look similar. The noses look off, but that's not enough to make me say no. Neither the sketch nor the photo of Janet are really that great to use for comparison.

    Both have a scar on the leg--but on different legs.
    Doe: "depressed plaque-like mottled brown-gray ovoid 3 x 4 cm. scar on the back of the distal right lower leg - a similar colored 3 x 1 cm oval horizontal scar below this and also on the back of the right lower leg."

    Janet: "Scar on left leg from a lighter"

    An oval horizontal scar sounds like the outline of a lighter, but it's on the wrong leg.

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    Bumping Shafter Jane Doe for my first post because I'm from the Elko area. I would love to see this Jane identified.

    I also found this website with lots of newspaper clippings about this case.

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    The family of a Trumbull county woman who has been missing for 20 years is trying to revive the case.

    Janet Rose Dolgae was 28 years old when she was last seen.

    Jim Henderson, Dolgae's brother, said the family is using the internet to try to reach out across the country to try to find her.

    "I have to get her picture out there because someone's going to know where she was at, who she was with last," Henderson said.

    Anyone with any information about Dolgae's whereabouts is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency.

    no pic at link

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    New info on this case. Great article here:

    After more than 15 years, police believe they are close to finding out this woman’s identity and who her killer might be. Journigan said for the majority of her life, the woman lived in the Southwest — southern California, Arizona or New Mexico — but the most precise information from the sample is that for the last seven months of her life she lived in the area of Afton, Wyo.

    At one point it was believed the Shafter Jane may have been in her 30s, but Journigan said carbon dating has determined she was 27 at the time of her death. Autopsy records from the time indicate she had a child. She was also found with pink nail polish on her fingernails.

    Journigan said the sheriff’s office is working with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the Wyoming Division of Investigation in Wyoming to determine the woman’s identity. Investigators are searching dentist offices, hospitals and even beauty parlors since the woman’s hands appeared to be professionally manicured.

    The medical examiner determined the woman had endometriosis, and may have been undergoing treatment for it. The woman’s teeth were in good condition, but she was in the process of having a root canal. Records indicate there were traces of alcohol and marijuana in her system.

    It is believed she was dead for at least six days before being discovered.

    Journigan said the woman had a 2-inch by 4-inch mark on the back of her right calf. The examiner thought it was a burn scar, but Journigan believes it may actually be a birth mark. The only fingerprint from the woman was lifted from her right thumb.

    Detective Mike Kolsch said in an Elko Daily Free Press article published a few days after the incident that the woman may have never been reported missing.

    “Her lifestyle may have been such that no one knew she was missing,” Kolsch said.

    Although the woman’s identity is still unknown, Journigan said there is a man who may have been involved in her murder.

    Dale Wayne Eaton, who was in Elko at the time of the murder, is now on death row after being convicted of several murders — all female victims.

    Journigan said Eaton had girlfriends in Elko, had a child who went to school here and worked here. The details from several of Eaton’s murders match those of the Shafter Jane scenario. Eaton was the subject of a domestic violence case, but it never went to court because the victim fled the country. Journigan said Eaton kept trophies from his murders, and had even given a hunting knife to the woman who had fled the country. She now lives in the United States and has been interviewed by police.

    In the case of one of Eaton’s victims, the woman was tortured for six to seven days before he killed her.

    Journigan said a timeline has been constructed on Eaton, tying him to Lovelock, Las Vegas and other locales where women have been murdered in similar manners.

    Eaton was convicted in Wyoming of the much-reported “Lil Miss” murder of Lisa Marie Kimmell in 1988. In a particularly damning bit of evidence, Kimmell’s car was dug up from Eaton’s property where he had buried it with a backhoe.

    Eaton may be responsible for other murders in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and neighboring states.

    “But he’s not talking,” said Journigan of Eaton. “He’s not remorseful.”

    __________________________________________________ _________

    Much more at the link...

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    What do you think about Rochelle Maria Ihm as a match? The height is off, and I wonder if her being diabetic would have been noticed when Jane Doe was found.


    Round birthmark on her leg
    Lived in Arizona and California
    Last seen in 1986 at age 20 which would make her 27 in 1993 - the age the article says our Jane was.
    Circumstances of her disappearance suggest that maybe she did leave of her own accord. Maybe she moved around a bit more and ended up in Wyoming before she ran across Eaton.

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