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    Canada - Dakota Hunter, 17, beaten to death, Nelson House, MB, 29 Aug 2009

    Dakota Hunter's Story:

    I seen Dakota's story on the news this morning, and it made my heart fill with sorrow and pain. This boy was a true victim. The CBC profiled Dakota's story 4 years ago, when he was taking Tae Kwon Do to help build confidence due to being constantly bullied.

    Now, it appears, he has been beaten to a state of not being identifiable, and murdered by two 16 year olds.

    His story deserves to be told.

    Teens Charged with Murder on Manitoba Reserve

    Two 16-year-old boys have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Dakota Hunter, 17, who was beaten in the remote northern Manitoba community of Nelson House First Nation.

    The youths, who cannot be named, will appear in Thompson Provincial Youth Court on Monday, the same day an autopsy will be conducted on Hunter.

    The teen was found badly beaten Saturday morning on the side of a road in the community, about 850 kilometres north of Winnipeg. He was rushed to Thompson General Hospital, where he later died.

    People who live in Nelson House, also known as Nisichiwayasik Cree Nation, told CBC News that Hunter shunned violence, and even worked with an organization to promote non-violence. He also was active raising money for cancer research.

    Hunter, who celebrated his 17th birthday two days before his death, was profiled by CBC News four years ago when he started taking tae kwon do lessons to deal with bullies.

    Read the rest here:

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    Violent gangs infest slain teen's reserve

    Accused pair baited victim, his sister says:

    Dakota Hunter often spoke to others about the need to shun violence and walk away from confrontation.

    Now grieving family members are wondering why the big-hearted teen who dreamed of competing in the Olympics didn't follow his own advice last weekend. Instead, he made a decision that ended with his battered, half-naked body found at the side of a road in Nelson House First Nation, about 850 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg.

    Dakota, 17, died of massive trauma. Two 16-year-old residents of the remote reserve -- identified as gang associates with troubled pasts -- have been charged with second-degree murder.

    Tiara Hunter was at home early Saturday morning when her brother returned from a night of partying with several friends, including the two accused. She told the Free Press the two alleged killers came to the house about 3:30 a.m. looking for Dakota, who was still awake in his bedroom.

    "They said, 'Aren't you gonna come for a walk with us?' He said 'No,' " said Hunter, 24. "Then (one of the accused) called him a f --g p y."
    Dakota returned to his room while the boys left. But moments later he was headed out the front door.

    "I asked him where he was going. He said, 'I'll be right back.' That's the last time I saw my brother," Hunter said. She doesn't know why the two accused wanted to speak with Dakota, but believes they were likely waiting outside for him. She said alcohol was likely a factor in the dispute.

    "Nobody ever had a beef with my brother," she said. "He didn't usually go out like that. He'd just stay home, play video games, talk on the phone to his girlfriend. I guess he's not the type of person to let them call him a name like that."

    Dakota's bloodied body was found nearby less than an hour later. He was rushed to hospital in Thompson but pronounced dead on arrival. Several family members believe he was beaten with a weapon, possibly a baseball bat. His shirt and shoes were then removed and allegedly set on fire.

    Family members, friends and community residents have described Dakota as a genuinely good kid who was fighting a tough battle against many of the negative influences in Nelson House. Three prominent Winnipeg-based gangs -- the Native Syndicate, the LHS and MOB -- have a visible presence in many northern Manitoba communities and are involved in bringing in drugs and alcohol.

    Read the rest here:


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    Unhappy Community Mourns Murder

    According to police, Hunter was last seen alive on Friday evening with two other teens. But by 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, Hunter had been beaten and left for dead on the side of road.

    "What I heard is that they burned his clothes then they tried to burn him," said Beardy.

    Though he was shy, Hunter was popular, said Beardy.
    "He was just an all around good kid," he said.

    Each year, Hunter volunteered with friends to raise money for cancer research by taking part in a fun run, friends say.

    Hunter was also a member of a youth group named the Lance Runners, who are a team of First Nations youths who travel to communities in the area to raise awareness about gangs, violence and drugs.

    According to aunt Colleen Hunter, the death represents a larger struggle against violence in Aboriginal communities.

    While she isn't sure the death is related to gangs, she said the violence needs to stop.

    "It's poverty, it's society ... it's peer pressure, it's easy money," she said.


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    Truly tragic.

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    The death of this young man is a great loss.

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    Thank you for sharing. Such a sad story.

    Bless Dakota and his family,


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    This is just so sad.

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    how sad bless His heart
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


    ~*Cancel my subscription, I'm THROUGH with your issues*~

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    This is a terrible crime...poor child. Makes my heart ache that kids have to face this kind of violence and pain, well anyone really but especially children and young adults !


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    This is just horrible. He looks like a gentle soul.

    What is going on with this gang mentality --it seems to infect the entire continent or even the world--it's spread to the native peoples on reservations? Really scary business. It seems like the whole world is just so much more violent these days.

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    Gangs and the drugs and violence that go along with them are becoming a big problem on First Nations reserves in Manitoba. In fact, I do some work for the Norway House Cree Nation, located in northern Manitoba, whose members and Band Council recently adopted a Banishment Bylaw to try to deal with violence and other prohibited activities in their community.

    A number of their band members live in fear of individuals (mostly youth) who do not respect the law. The Bylaw tries to protect members by putting in place a series of progressive measures that deal with activities related to gangs, violence, drugs and alcohol, providing sanctions that, if not followed, may lead to being banished from the community.

    The murder of Dakota Hunter is particularly sad because he was a gifted and gentle young man who went to Sweat Lodges and was learning the Traditional ways of his people. He was defenseless against the hate of those who killed him. And they killed him because he was different and resisted their ways.

    The gangs are a way of offering lost young people a "family" and a support system-- something they are probably lacking at home. This is why it is so appealing to them... they feel powerless and they feel as though the gangs give them power. So very sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbododger View Post
    Accused pair baited victim, his sister says:

    "Then (one of the accused) called him a f --g p y."
    What? I get the first part, I think, but what's the p y for?

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    There is an online memorial to Dakota:


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    In my own reality...it's nicer here.
    Quote Originally Posted by buffetoflies View Post
    What? I get the first part, I think, but what's the p y for?
    yep, you got the first part right...second part sounds like Wussy.

    I'm so very sorry for Dakota, sorry for the hell he lived on this earth. I pray that he is now at peace, forever free from bullies and violence.
    Soar with the angels Dakota!
    My deepest sympathy to Dakota's family.

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    Unhappy A Brutal End for a Life Full of Hope

    Dakota Hunter's sister, Tiara, and mother, Cynthia, were among the family and friends who got out of their cars in Dakota's funeral procession to "run" his body home, as he had done for others, Sept. 3, 2009.

    Dakota Hunter gained fame for resisting the gang life of Northern native communities

    Sep 05, 2009 04:30 AM

    Petti Fong
    Western Canada Bureau

    NELSON HOUSE, MAN.–Dakota Hunter's end came at the bottom of a gentle sloping hill, his clothes torn off and set alight on a dry patch of grass, his blood soaking the ground in front of his aunt's house.

    It was a brutal, senseless end to a life that had just entered its 18th year. It marked the end for a young man who resisted constant bullying in this remote northern Manitoba community, first learning to defend himself, then striving to become a symbol of a more peaceful future, despite his young years.

    National television exposure had made him the most famous resident of Nelson House.

    Last Sunday morning's murder makes him its most famous victim of violence.


    Rod Hunter, a cousin who considers himself a brother to Dakota, said he has seen increasing gang activity in his community where bootlegging, drug running and addiction all play a part in the perpetual violence among young men.

    At the airport in Winnipeg en route to his cousin's funeral, Rod said he looked down and realized he had to change.

    "I was wearing a baby blue colour T-shirt and had to change out of it when I got off the plane," said Rod, a student in Vancouver. "These are things I don't think about but being back home, you're aware of what colours you can wear and what colours send a message." When Dakota Hunter left his house that night, he was wearing his favourite sweater, a red one, which had been ripped off his body during his beating. It was burned.

    Hunter's family remains puzzled about why his sweater and shoes were set on fire, but his sister suspects it may have been an initiation that her brother was trying to resist.

    Among those friends and family gathered at the Hunter home over the past week, the focus has been on forgiveness.

    "There are three young men lost here," said Dakota's mother Cynthia as she paused in front of a memorial in the backyard. "We have to forgive them and find understanding." A fire keeper sleeps beside a bowl of loose tobacco in front of Dakota's photograph to make sure a burning flame isn't extinguished.

    Thursday, the family travelled in a cavalcade of 20 cars to bring Dakota's body home.

    Ralph Beardy, Dakota's father, was up north when he learned about his boy's death but made it back to Thompson in time to see his son's body loaded onto the back of an SUV. "It made me sick to hear what happened," said Beardy, clutching photos of his son.

    With the family, Beardy followed the 80-kilometre journey to take Dakotaback to Nelson House.

    Inside the young man's room after his death, his family found the reason why Dakota had been working so hard to make extra money. Secretly, he had purchased two rings for his girlfriend, a symbol of the hope he had for his future.

    Outside the junction off the highway into the village, the procession stopped. Out of respect, people in the village lined the side of the road, including relatives of the two young men charged in the death.

    As Dakota himself had done for others in his role as a runner, his family got out of their cars, and surrounding the body, ran in unison towards home.


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