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    New Species Found in Island Crater

    This isn't bizarre but I wanted to post it for our member Gaia. IIRC, she holds an interest in natural sciences


    ...A crew of scientists, academics and filmmakers from the British broadcaster visited the South Pacific island of Papua New Guinea last spring to film a nature documentary, and in the process discovered more than 30 new species of animals. Among the unknown creatures all living inside the crater of the extinct volcano Mt. Bosavi was a giant rat that measured 32.2 in. and weighed more than 3.3 lbs., making it one of the largest rodents on Earth (scientists provisionally named the housecat-sized animal the Bosavi woolly rat). The historic find also included 16 new species of frogs, at least three new types of fish and one bat. "It was mind-blowing," George McGavin, a biologist on the BBC team, told England's Guardian newspaper. "The crater of Mt. Bosavi really is the lost world."...

    ...biologists are identifying new species at a torrid rate, about 50 a day; nearly 17,000 new plants and animals were described in 2006 alone, or some 1% of the 1.8 million species that have been recognized so far.

    The truth is that scientists have only the foggiest idea of how many animals and plants exist on the planet.
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    That is so cool! I love stuff like this.

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    Oh..I wanna go there!
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