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    CA - Natalie Wood, 43, drowned off California coast, 29 Nov 1981

    Natalie Wood didn't drown accidentally - she was a victim of foul play - that's the incredible claim of the captain of her yacht the Splendour - who's speaking out for the first time about the night the 43-year-old actress lost her life in the dark, cold waters off Catalina Island in November 1981.


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    I remember when this happened.
    I always thought that it was more than just an accident.
    Maybe a fight, shoving and something happened, like she fell overboard
    and no one could save her.

    The stories then... it was more like what they did not say.
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    I remember this very well. I had just turned 18 and was working for an entertainment company in Hollywood. The week after Natalie's death, I was making promotional calls to studios and I ended up talking to Natalie's sister, Lana Wood. She just started talking about her sister's death and what a loss it was. I have no idea why she opened up to me like that but I will never forget it.

    The circumstances of Natalie's death were odd and I would not be surprised if a reopening of the case revealed details that had not been made public. However, much of what Dennis Davern reports in this article (28 years after the fact) was reported back then -- drunkenness, jealousy, a big argument. Walking around drunk on a boat is dangerous.

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    Thanks for the link to this story, arielilane. I always thought that more happened that night than was reported. What was written between the lines was more telling than what was actually in print. Of course, the one person who could tell us for certain is gone - Natalie. I have never heard any comments made by Christopnher Walken as to what he heard, saw,etc that night. His silence is deafening, IMO.

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    Nothing to add, but I had forgotten how stunningly beautiful Natalie Wood was.
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    Many of us who recall the "accident" had questions. However, this is 2009, and, assuming N's death was not an accident, I doubt there would be evidence enough for authorities to go after Robert Wagner.
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    I remember this too. My mom was a huge Natalie Wood/Robert Wagner fan and she and I always thought there was more to this than anyone said.

    I hate to think Robert Wagner did something though. I love him.

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    I do have to question the source of this information. The National Enquirer is not exactly a reputable news source and is a sensationalist tabloid magazine.

    That said - I always thought her death was suspicious too but I don't think it will ever be proven and will remain a mystery.

    She is one of my favorite actresses. Splendor in the Grass is one of my favorite movies. I loved Gypsie too.
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    I cannot imagine Wagner killing her...Christopher Walken however....creepy dude.
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    Her fear of water is what always stuck with me about Natalie's death. I found the quote that I had ingrained in my memory many years ago:

    "I'm frightened to death of the water,'' Natalie Wood once said. ''I can swim a little bit, but I'm afraid of water that is dark.'' The 43-year-old actress' fear was tragically justified on Nov. 29, 1981, when her body was discovered floating in a cove at Catalina Island, Calif.


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    I remember this too. I always felt something was amiss about her death. But a lot of stars get away with murder. I thought she was so pretty and a great actress. It was such a shame to lose her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    Nothing to add, but I had forgotten how stunningly beautiful Natalie Wood was.
    Kat, I think she was just one of the most beautiful women ever. I love her movies and rent them often. She also had a lovely speaking voice.

    I remember when she died. I was so saddened by it.

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    I remember when Natalie supposedly drowned. I never thought it was accidental.
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    No one that lived there in that beach area thought it was an accident but at that time they hushed up all this type of thing. I was just 21 at the time but it was definately a tragedy.
    It was always talked about as a non accident....

    If there is fighting out there where they were, someone heard it for sure.

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    I always thought she was one of the most beautiful actresses that I have seen!!!! Beautiful eyes and smile..

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