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    CA - Braeden Gardner, 5, beaten to death, Rosemont, 17 June 2009


    Poor little guy. So-called mothers like this make me so sick I could scream! I hope her and the POS BF get the max.
    Happy New Years

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    Quote Originally Posted by teonspaleprincess View Post

    Poor little guy. So-called mothers like this make me so sick I could scream! I hope her and the POS BF get the max.
    Sick is the word. I don't know how many more of these I can read and not make myself sick but I feel like I must do it for the children; they endured it, I can read their story and honor their memory.
    I appreciate you posting the story so I can do that.
    Braeden, my heart goes out to you and I am picturing you in the Wide Arms of Goodness and LOVE.

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    WTF? This lady is full of all kinds of excuses isn't she? She needed to put ice packs on her son, but gee, he never said Zamora was hurting him? Who the heck did she think was hurting him? And I just do not buy the I stayed because they threatened to kill me crap. I had one guy make that mistake once and I told him that would only work if I didn't kill him first. I never heard from him again. Nuff said.

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    OMG they found feces in his mouth. He was probably having trouble because he was being terrorized.....breaks my heart.

    What will it take for women to put their children first? It has become an epidemic and I can't understand it, I just can't.

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    All these loser mothers need to be charged as accessories.. accomplices... whatever! They definitely need to be charged with child neglect and endangerment. Where was this boy's biological father? Was he paying child support? Did he have any involvement? If not, he should have. Where were the boy's grandparents? Shouldn't grandparents be able to step in and tell the courts the mother has a low-life-scum man living in the house with the children?

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    poor little guy....he thanked her for putting ice bags on him -- breaks my heart...makes me think of Baby Grace who told her mom 'I love you' while they were beating her.

    Prayers for all the little children whose caregivers just don't care enough.
    What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
    ~~ Mother Theresa ~~

    Where is Rachel Cooke? Missing since 10-Jan-2002
    Rachel's thread - WS

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    This type of abuse and murder has reached an epidemic proportion. The article says that men want to have a relationship with the mothers, but aren't prepared to be a parent (or something like that). That is a lame excuse, IMO. These POS have no impulse control and are damaged goods, IMHO. The mothers who SEE the abuse (and in this case applied ice packs to the child's wounds) and don't act on it aren't much better IMO. I understand that this woman says the boyfriend would kill her if she tried to leave, and I understand that the fear is all to real BUT I believe I would rather be dead than continue to subject my children to the abuse poor Braeden suffered.

    I'm sorry for the rant. I'm so sorry Braeden that no one was able to save you from them.

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    From January 2011:


    A judge folded his arms, sat back in his chair at the bench and fought back tears today when he sentenced a man and woman convicted of murder in the sadistic beating death of the woman's 5-year-old son...

    [Eduardo] Zamora, 32, received a 32-to-life term for his first-degree murder conviction and an additional life term on a separate count of torturing the boy by beating him black and blue over nearly every square inch of his body.

    [Amber] Ingram, 26, was sentenced to a 15-to-life term for her second-degree murder conviction for failing to protect her son by leaving him with Zamora, her boyfriend, while she went to work.

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