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    LA - Oscar Figueroa, 78, killed, 11yo girl raped, Coteau, 24 Sept 2009



    I have never started a thread and I got in trouble for a link I posted; if this is not correct please delete and please let me know the reason . TIA

    This happened in Coteau , LA . An email I received from a relative in the area said the trouble all started Sept. 24th. The email included a "before and after" picture of Alexis, the 11 year old victim and asked for prayers. I am posting this here for that reason as I know how sympathetic you all are towards all victims of crime and especially children.
    I did not post the pictures because I couldn't figure out how. I wish I could.

    I did a search to see if this had already been posted and didn't find anything. I apologize in advance if I missed it.
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