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    MD - Attempted child abductions in MD

    Just happened down in our little "city" area, last evening: 2 unidentified men tried to lure 3 children, that were outside playing, to their truck. One mother came out and got suspicious and yelled for them to get away from the truck... when one of the children, a little girl, headed home the truck followed her, then sped away when the child's mother came outside. Laurel LE interviewed all 3 kids and the 2 mothers: all stories are consistent, so LE sent out a reverse 911 to the neighborhood with the description of the truck, the men and such. The reverse 911 has garnered a lot of tips...

    Thank goodness I am not having to post this in the missing persons section. The little 7 yr old girl they followed is traumatized and scared, and the mother was just on the news giving an interview off-camera so her face could not be seen... she wants to leave the area, now.

    Hopefully the reverse 911 tips will lead to the monsters being found and brought in before they can try this again, on more children.


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    wow thankfully these children were lucky to escape and have parents paying attention to their kids.. it sounds like they were able to gather enough of a description to be helpful in finding these 2 perps.. I am sorry for the children especially the little girl who has been scared but grateful that is all she has to deal with.. and that we are not reading about her in the missing thread.

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    I saw the story on the 11 oclock News. What stood out to me was there were 2 people in the truck. Scared to think of one person riding arround trying to snatch kids ,but now they are riding arround in pairs! I am so glad that those mothers where watching now hopefully the parent of the children in surrounding areas are watching their kids too ,and I hope by now they have matched that partial plate they had to their suspect.

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