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    After looking closer at a map of the area, there is access to a freeway (North-South Freeway / Highway 395) VERY close to Karamjit's home. As in, about 3/4 of a mile. If someone grabbed her from a vehicle, they could get on the freeway and away from that area very very quickly. Not saying that's what happened. Just throwing out possibilities and observations.

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    Convicted Sexual Offender Detailed InformationFRASER, ALLEN EUGENE
    Tier Level
    Date(s) of Birth1940
    Physical Description
    Sex: M
    Race: WHITE
    Hair Color: GRAY
    Eye Color: BLUE
    Height: 600
    Weight: 200Scars, Marks and Tattoos
    Code: ABDOMEN
    Description: APPENDECTOMY
    Address 7787 ANCHOR POINT DR

    Conviction and Incarceration InformationConvictionConviction Date: 1983-10-06Court: SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURTConviction Location: WASHOE CO, NVConviction State: NVStatute: NRS201.230Conviction Description: LEWDNESS WITH A CHILD UNDER 14Conviction Date: 1984-04-26Court: SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURTConviction Location: WASHOE CO, NVConviction State: NVStatute: NRS201.230Conviction Description: LEWDNESS WITH A CHILD UNDER 14IncarcerationHospital: NORTHERN NEVADA CORRECTIONAL CENTERState: NVAdditional images
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    I did SO search in the area where she lived.

    Here is what I found out, fwiw.....

    there are 3 near her home, and there is one that works close.

    red is home, green is work.

    the closest to her addy, anchor point dr is the guy I posted earlier.

    Last known is not far from that, via map.
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    More info on LE talking to the 3 boys. Underlining by me.

    Reno Police Talk to Teenagers about Karamjit Kaur


    The teens told police they found Kaur's abandoned bike, then took it and left it near Beacon Cove and Shifting Sands in Stead, around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday night. Police believe Kaur left her home for a bike ride around 6:30 -- just 15 minutes before.

    Police say this is a small window of time, and they say an abduction could have happened.

    More: http://www.ktvn.com/Global/story.asp?S=11254017

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    Again, underlining by me.

    New Details in Karamjt's Case Prompt More Questions

    Police have been doing everything they can in Karamjt Kaur’s case, including numerous interviews with friends, family, and neighbors. They’ve searched areas two times over and even searched through Karamjt’s computer. None of this has really led to any leads. But Saturday, police finally got a couple good tips, and now, they've created a new approach to their search.


    Police received a call Saturday evening from one of the three males, who said they found Karamjt's bike by Shifting Sands Dr. and Beacon Cove, just one and a half blocks away from her house.


    Karamjt's Sikh Temple will be having a candlelight vigil Tuesday night at six. They invite the entire Reno area to come together in support of Karamjt and her family


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    Eyes posted a partial timeline earlier. But I just wanted to add to it now that we have some more information. Obviously there are still things going on, but I just focused on the first two days. But feel free to add to it!

    Approx. February 2009 – Karamjit’s family comes to Reno from East India

    August/September 2009 – Karamjit starts school at North Valley High School

    September 30, 2009

    6:30 pm – Karamjit states she is hot and leaves the home to ride her bicycle
    6:45 pm – 3 boys find Karamjit’s bicycle just a block and a half from her home
    7:24 pm – Missing persons report comes in after family searches for her and calls local hospitals
    8:00 pm – Officer calls family but receives no answer
    8:30 pm – Family calls back and completes missing persons report

    October 1, 2009

    Morning – Search begins with helicopters and dogs. Sex offenders interviewed.
    3:00 pm - Karamjit’s bicycle found at location where 3 boys left it – skate park near Silver Lake Elementary
    4:30 pm – Media contacted for help getting the word out

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    I'm glad that they are getting so many decent tips from Secret Witness. First about the 3 boys. And now about this man. I hope that they can find out who he is so they can quickly determine if he had something to do with this. If it is him, I do have to wonder if it wasn't "planned" to meet somewhere. Even if it was, though, I don't think she left the area willingly, IMO.

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    If she talked with a man at school, maybe there is a security camera that caught them on tape.
    Or is he had to sign in, then again, a way to trace him.
    Or even a parking lot security camera, showing his car.
    I am sure the police have thought of all this.
    God has a plan to help bring justice to the world -- and his plan is us.
    Gary Haugen
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    Bring Bri Justice Foundation Needs Volunteers to Look for Kaur

    The Bring Bri Justice Foundation is in desperate need of volunteers to search for a 16-year-old girl from Stead, who's been missing since Wednesday.

    THe BBJF received approval from the Reno Police Department to organize community searches for Karamjit Kaur, but they need more help.

    The foundation is also looking for donations of water, granola bars and other snacks for the volunteers.

    If you're interested in helping, contact the Bring Bri Justice Foundation at (775) 329-7788. They are located at 5000 Smithridge Drive in Reno, in the Smithridge Plaza next door to Motor Sheep.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ****** View Post
    "...The tipster reported seeing Karamjit Kaur around 5:50 p.m., Wednesday, riding her bike in an industrial area about half a mile from her Stead home...."
    A big difference between 5:50pm and 6:30pm...I wonder if they were incorrect and it was really 6:50pm when they saw her?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazama View Post
    A big difference between 5:50pm and 6:30pm...I wonder if they were incorrect and it was really 6:50pm when they saw her?


    Yeah...I was wondering the same. Either:

    -They did see her at 5:50 and her family is mistaken or lying for some reason.
    -They saw someone else who resembled her, but was not her, at 5:50.
    -They are mistaken about the time and saw her at 6:50. (Which wouldn't make sense if the boys found her bike at 6:45)
    -They made it up.

    I wonder how far away from her home this "industrial area" is, and why she would be riding her bike there? Especially since the bike was eventually found only a block and a half from her home.... ????

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    Bring Bri Justice Foundation aids in search for Karamjit Kaur

    The volunteer and police searches for a 16-year-old girl who disappeared four days ago is hauntingly familiar for the family of Brianna Denison.

    In the weeks before Denison, 19, was found strangled and raped in a field in February 2008, her family and citizen volunteers scoured the city looking for her.

    Currently, police are not clear if Karamjit Kaur's disappearance was related to an abduction or if she ran away. But Denison's aunt, Lauren, is hopeful Kaur will come home safe.

    In the aftermath of her discovery, her family and friends created the Bring Bri Justice Foundation, which is aimed at education and safety for women and children. But they also are set to deploy teams of volunteer search crews when children or adults go missing. They have worked with national missing children's groups and were taught how to conduct these searches, using proper techniques.

    Today, the Foundation sent out a search crew to look for Karamjit Kaur, who disappeared Wednesday evening while riding her bike in Stead. It was the first time the Foundation has deployed a crew.

    More: http://www.rgj.com/article/20091004/...-Karamjit-Kaur

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    Search continues in Stead area for Karamjit Kaur

    Police and citizen volunteers are continuing their search this morning for a 16-year-old Stead girl whose been missing four days.

    The regional police helicopter, RAVEN, is conducting an aerial search around the North Valleys for Karamjit Kaur, supplementing Washoe County Sheriff's Search and Rescue and Hasty crews' continuation of combing through fields and hills.

    Cadaver and search dogs are also being used in the mass effort to find Kaur, last seen riding her bike in flip flops and pajamas.


    Reno police officers and detectives are also continuing to go door-to-door asking neighbors for information, and with permission, searching homes. They will also focus on vacant and foreclosed homes in the area to search for clues.

    More: http://www.rgj.com/article/20091004/...4009/1321/news

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    Reno Sikh community prays for safe return of Karamjit Kaur

    More than 100 members of the Reno Sikh community gathered at their temple this afternoon to pray for the safe return of Karamjit Kaur.

    Yellow banners featuring the 16-year-old's photo were hung outside, that read "Help us find Karamjit Kaur" along with the phone number to Secret Witness.

    In honor of Kaur, people were wearing purple ribbons pinned to their clothing. Purple is Kaur's favorite color.

    More: http://www.rgj.com/article/20091004/...4019/1321/news

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    the times of the sighting and the family last seen time ARE CONFUSING. I am tending to think it is misreporting or a "mis sighting"

    As for the tip on the older Indian man that met her at school... I would like to hear her family's take on that situation (could it be a family member?.. do they have extended family in the area? We already know they have a local community/church backing them.. could they have been a part of that and it was someone helping her adjust to the US?)

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