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    IN - Indianapolis, Baby's body in dumpster, Oct'09 - Nicholas Moody

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    here and there
    A Sgt. M Mount said the baby may have been stillborn, but they are actively looking for the mother or parents.

    Police also want to hear from people who know of someone no longer expecting without a newborn.

    Someone called police after finding the infant in a dumpster near 24th and Illinois around 1:00 pm. Workers from the coroner's office removed the body from the dumpster and used a sheet to block the view of on-lookers.

    Now comes the work of identifying the remains and who they belong to. Metro Chief of Investigations William Benjamin already has a message for the mother.

    "We do need answers as what happened and why this termination point occurred here on this lot," said Benjamin.

    The couple who found the dead infant did not want to speak on camera. They sat on the back of their pick-up truck stunned by their discovery.

    Damon Hardy is also trying to understand why anyone would do such a thing.

    "Don't just disown a child. I just don't think that is right. It's kind of shocking," said Hardy.

    "The way this small infant was disposed of, it's got to touch your heart," said Deputy Chief Benjamin.

    "Yes Chief Anderson, it does. Every single time...."

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    So sad, another little one who never even got a chance at life. Stillborn or not, you don't just throw your child away like a piece of trash.

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    From February 2011:


    At 12:56 p.m. on June 10, 2008, Nicholas was born prematurely at Clarian Health Partners-IU Riley campus. He weighed two pounds, seven ounces. His footprints were only slightly bigger than a penny...

    Baby Nicholas lived only one day and died in the hospital at 2:20 a.m. on June 11, 2008. According to the Marion County Coroner's Office, the cause of death was pulmonary hypotension, due to pulmonary hypoplasia, due to extreme prematurity...

    The family decided to have Nicholas cremated and arranged for the body to be taken to Boatright Mortuary. For more than a year Moody tried unsuccessfully to contact the funeral home to retrieve her son's ashes.

    Then a bombshell hit. In October 2009, a horrifying discovery took place in an Indianapolis dumpster. People looking for scrap metal found the body of a baby...

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    So glad there was an answer, even if they don't know exactly how the baby ended up where it did. I can't imagine trying to get the ashes for a year, much less then finding out that the funeral home didn't even have the body. Rest in peace little one.

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    I wanna know how that body bag ended up in a dumpster.

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    Wow!!! How bizarre


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