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    MA - Child Rapist pleads guilty in MA

    He received 20-25 years in state prison, 40 years probation and life time SO registery for 3 counts of forcible rape of a child and one count of forcible rape of someone over 14. What is compelling about the story is the heroic actions of the victim and the incredible pain of the victims' impact statements.

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    What a sick *******!! They need to keep him locked up for life! They can't ever "cure these disgusting perverts. Why does his 40 years probation start immediately? If anything he should be on probation 40 years after he serves his 20-25 year prison term. Hopefully he won't make it through prison.
    That poor girl and what she had to go through, yet she still managed to have her wits about her and use quick thinking..
    "The cure for crime is not the electric chair, but the high chair."

    -J. Edgar Hoover

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