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    "I am happy with my decision" - Key Tipster Gives Reward to Victim

    Man donates rape reward to victim

    A waiter given a 10,000 reward for helping to convict a rapist has donated the money to the victim.

    Lloyd Gardner, 22, of Ottery St Mary, Devon, contacted police in 2006 after seeing CCTV footage of a man wanted in connection with the rape in Exeter.

    Mr Gardner said he did not deserve the reward and hoped the cash would help the woman rebuild her life.

    "It was a difficult decision to make because it is a lot of money and it would have been very helpful but I didn't feel like a deserved it at all.

    "With the state that the girl was in after the incident, I really felt that it would go towards making her life a lot better over the next couple of years."

    Mr Gardner added: "I know that it was the right thing to do. I would have probably spent it on an expensive car or something which doesn't seem right so I am happy with my decision."

    What a guy!
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    this is amazing expecially with the young man being just 22 years old, His parents raised a awsome caring and loving son. I hope I can raise my childen just as well.

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    that's a beautiful person, who did a beautiful thing, he thought about the victim and gave the reward to her! very very good person!

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    This young man is a tribute to humanity. Yes, there are rewards out there. To me, it's sad there need to be - each person should just want to help in any way possible to bring closure to a victim/their family.

    Not enough people are like that so I commend this wonderful young man who does what every single person should do.
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    BRAVO.... well done!!! a true hero. gives me a little bit of hope for humankind. this guy should win the nobel peace prize!! ...or,, maybe not... it's really just be the way people should be.. the fact that it merits so much attention because it seems so unusual is actually kind of sad. but still, happy story. this young man can go through the rest of his life, knowing he did the right thing (assuming the woman will use it wisely for her own care and she is not a drug addict or something),, and that's worth far more than $16,000...

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    This just brings tears to my eyes,such a wonderful man he must be and may he be blessed richly in his own life for such compassion.

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    It is refreshing to know that there are (still) good people out there. His parents must be very proud.

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