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    Discrepancies between statements made to CBS and in Depositions released 10/15/09

    I know there is another thread about discrepancies between GA, LA, and CA in the depos that were released on Thursday, October 15, 2009. After watching the CBS special....I wonder if we could post examples of discrepancies between their CBS interviews that were used in this special and those that were given to the SA office. For instance.......LA stated that the family believed that it was possible for Caylee to still be alive. The CBS special aired CA talking about never anticipating Caylee's death cert. in her lifetime. Did she fail to offer her opinion that Caylee may be alive? Did CBS edit that part out? Just wondering if anyone else recognized some variations in the "story".

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    Off the top of my head, this one is a convenient "omission" -- Cindy says that Casey called the day after father's day and said she'd be staying with "a friend." In the depo, that "friend" was Zanny. Not exactly irrelevant.

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    I was paying very close attention to the death certificate part, because I wanted to see how she would get around it. What I noticed was her saying that she shouldn't be holding this certificate, Caylee should be here. The fact that she didn't say she shouldn't be holding Caylee's certificate, she said This certificate, stood out to me. In A speak, that left her room for backtracking.
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