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View Poll Results: Would you buy a book written by George and Cindy Anthony?

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    130 78.31%
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    29 17.47%

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitty Kat View Post
    I wouldn't buy anyone's book on this case, especially not them. However, last night I was reading Jose's book and was thinking that George really should do some kind of interview to try and clear his name. There was so many negative things about George in JB's book that if it was me I would have something to say!
    I think the best thing that George can do is what he is doing and getting on with his life without his pathological lying daughter.

    I wouldnt buy a book by Baez if it was the last book written on Earth. He is disgusting and lies as much as his prior client.

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    No, I listened to what they had to say after the verdict on Dr Phil, and that was enough for me to know they will NEVER utter the truth. Everything they say is about appearing a certain, carefully crafted way and I for one need to live in the truth and much prefer to live in reality. The Anthony's wouldn't know truth or reality if it bit them in the arse! Poor, poor Caylee

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