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    Winner of Big Brother busted for selling oxycodone

    Nice....this dufus used his prize money to buy thousands of pills and was busted for attempting to sell them to an undercover agent.

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    I just read that in the paper today. What an idiot. So many other business ventures could have been attempted with that $500,000.

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    I deleted my post - I didn't read the article first I thought the dude was from the Big Brother/Big Sister program - not the reality TV show - whoops!


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    Is this the guy they called "Baller", as in eight ball? Big blond dude? tia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiche View Post
    Is this the guy they called "Baller", as in eight ball? Big blond dude? tia


    What a complete moron. Seriously?? You win money and use it to fund drug deals????? There are no words...
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