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    this case drives me crazy

    hello, my name bill been lurking around here and other boards for a longtime now. you guys are great all the hard work you guys put in on this case. me personally i feel a ramsey done this. i studied the case with an open mind and to be honest spent a lot of time going of back and forth on who killed this child. in the end i believe it was a ramsey my opinion pasty i believe on accident. then pr and jr done the cover up i believe john went along to cover up his sexual abuse of jbr.
    i could be wrong and may change my mind with futher study but that's where i am at with this whole case. sadly i dont feel that this case will be solved doesn't seem like anyone in boulder want's to. the rn played a big part allowed the crime seen to be compromised. who ever killed jbr either knew the rn would allow this to happen or just got lucky and it happened that way.

    i also feel burke knows a lot more than he has said over the years. seems to me everything was done to keep him quite. while i dont believe he killed jbr i feel strongly he knows what happened that night. i think if the le of boulder was to sit this young man down for some tough questions he would crack. i believe he's one of the keys to solving this case. this is all my opinion look forward to exchanging opinion and ideas with everyone.
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    welcome Bill!!
    something to ponder:

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    yes-maybe they should interrogate Burke ..I believe he knows just as much as daddy does but CHOOSES not to remember...
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    Was any particular piece of evidence pivotal in your decision – the ransom note perhaps?
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    “It saddens me that 20 years after my sister Nicole’s murder, we are still seeing the same crimes, just different names, over and over again.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by cynic View Post
    Was any particular piece of evidence was pivotal in your decision – the ransom note perhaps?
    thanks, for the welcome everyone. the rn played a part it was many things that convinced me a ramsey killed jbr. i went into this with a open mind i actually wanted so bad for it to be an intruder. there was just to much personal knowledge of the family in the rn. i agree that alone doesn't prove a ramsey did it. but if you add in jr and pr lies and behavior over the years. the fact it doesn't seem like they wanted to find the killer.

    add in other facts how long the killer was in the home that night. all the main tools used in the crime were from the home etc... the letters fleet white wrote. no signs of forced entry that night the basement window doesn't jive with me i dont buy it. other things as well but i think you get my point there were so many things that make me believe a ramsey done it.

    and lastly burke over the years from my understanding he will only say he doesn't remember anything he's blocked it out. i dont buy it, that's a cop out answer to avoid the subject. he knows a lot more than he's saying and i find it strange he was ready to get on with his life days after jbr was killed. and all these years he shows no interest in finding the person who robbed him of growing older with his little sister. it's because i think he knows who done it and for whatever reason he wont say. just my opinion.

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    Greetings, Bill.

    This case drives me crazy, too. For a LOT of reasons.
    I'm as mad as HELL and I'm NOT gonna take it anymore!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redeemed View Post
    yes-maybe they should interrogate Burke ..I believe he knows just as much as daddy does but CHOOSES not to remember...
    BR will never be interrogated. Here's why- first of all, he is not a suspect and is not obligated to talk to police, whether they think he knows what happened or not. His lawyer will never allow him to speak to LE and he can't be compelled to do so. Also, he was under 10 at the time of JB's murder, and even if they KNEW he was the killer, they could still not have questioned him because Colorado law prevents anyone under 10 from being accused, arrested or inducted for a crime, even Felony Murder.
    He was under 10 at the time, so even though he is an adult now, he cannot be questioned. Actually, even if it came to light that he WAS involved, he still cannot ever be indicted because of his age when it happened.
    I agree that he knows more about that night than he has said and that his claims of "not remembering" are simply a way of putting people off asking him.
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    Welcome Bill....This case as alot of twist and turns in it.....
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