This case seemed cold since day two.

Man Found Dead By Wife

SUV found block away from house hours after murder

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Rebecca Fenton Acts Oddly After Murders, Larry had Five Wives

It's impossible to find updates. I know Rebecca Fenton, the wife, in a very tertiary way. I met her shortly after the murders. I know that she's since moved on and is dating another man seriously.

I really want to know if the police have any leads. To me, it's odd that the SUV would have been found so close to the home. Why steal a vehicle only to ditch it a block away? Larry and Rebecca had recently been on the news because of her acupuncture regimen. I often wonder if Rebecca had headphones on that didn't allow her to hear gunfire so close. Because even being in an outbuilding, the house isn't that far away. I've driven by the location.

Any other way to find info than the internet? Because it troubles me to see this so cold.