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Thread: MO - Velda Rumfelt, 16, abducted and murdered in St. Louis County, 1977

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    MO - Velda Rumfelt, 16, abducted and murdered in St. Louis County, 1977

    Her name was Velda "Joy" Rusmfeldt,she was my older sisters friend when she was abducted and murdered in 1977. It was a horrifying time,I was about 13 years old at the time. They never found who did it or so I thought. I don't live directly in St. Louis anymore but I just found out that only yesterday (friday) they'd given a guy the DP for her murder! He was found via DNA!

    I'm sorry,I'm still in shock and cheering tearfully,I never thought they've EVER catch who kidnapped and murdered Velda so horribly. There were others as well,it was just,well,like I said,horrible.

    Anyway,here's a link to the story I just now got...,460915.story


    God Bless you Velda Joy, may you rest in peace now honey.

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    This was a good thing. I am glad Bowman got the DP. He has been in prison most of the time since then (except for about a week) due to convictions in two cases in IL which were overturned and remanded for a new trial. The former chief of police in Belleville, IL, where the other two murders happened, got to investigate cold cases that might match his mo, and sent DNA to St. Louis County and they got a match. The 16 year old from Belleville, Elizabeth West, had a big impact on both my husband and I. This didn't happen around here then.

    All kinds of hugs!


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    Thanks very much for the details,I was in such shock I didn't even look the rest of the cases he's involved in up.

    Bravo to the former Belleville police chief for his work. Even if he's was locked up already,all of his victims and all of those effected by his crimes deserved justice.He sooo richly deserves the Death Penalty.

    And it will hopefully show the killers of the world that they can still be caught,their crimes and their victims won't be forgotten.


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