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    Man Accidently Pulls Ejector Button While In Jet


    OMG I can not imagine the terror of doing this! He was taken up in a jet with a pilot friend and while he was bracing himself in his seat he accidently pulled the ejector handle which sent him shooting out of the plane!
    Luckily he was rescued but wow this is certainly an experience he will never ever forget!

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    I'm sorry but I couldn't help but smile. I'm glad this man is okay and I'm sure he was terrified.

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    Oh heck . . . I'll bet he leaned over to his buddy and said "Watch this!!!"

    Whenever my son or my ex husband called out "watch this!" I'd go get the phone and dial 911 as a precaution.

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    This had to be so scary...but as I was reading it I laughed a little. Poor guy. I'm so bad.

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