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    Germany - Kalinka Bamberski, 14, murdered, Lindau, 9 July 1982

    GO DAD!!


    Father arrested over kidnap of daughter's killerHENRY SAMUEL, PARIS
    October 22, 2009 .

    A GERMAN doctor who went on the run after poisoning his lover's 14-year-old daughter more than 27 years ago has been found, bound and gagged, outside a French court. The girl's father has been arrested on suspicion of kidnap.

    I know this shouldn't put a smile on my face, but it does!
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    Good for him. It's too bad he will probably be charged with kidnapping at least, and have to serve time. But, some parents will never give up, as it should be.

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    From the article, it sounds like he injected more than 1 teenage girl so he could rape them, no telling how many victims he's had.
    Imo the father showed a lot of restraint, it would have been hard for me to leave him there with just a head wound!

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    I just think its fantastic that he he dumped on the courthouse steps in the country that could try him. He thought he was safe in another country, but dad wants justice. Now, if someone had only done that to polanski! Don't get me started on him!

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    The man is a HERO in my book!

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    Give that father a medal!

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    Now, that is heartwarming.

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    IMO, this father should not be charged. He did what authorities couldn't and or wouldn't do.

    This might be more appropriately posted in the news that makes you smile thread. It sure made me smile this dad helped in finding justice for his daughter.

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    This makes me smile but it also makes me very sad. What this poor father has had to endure all these years while this "doctor" went on with his life. The father had to suffer the loss of his beloved daughter while the German and French governments dickered over what to do with the murderer/rapist -- a big fat nothing, it seems. If there is any justice in these countries, they will not charge the father and put the doctor in prison.

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    I agree, he should be given a medal, or reward. He did what the government either refused to do or couldn't do. I probably would have killed him instead of leaving him on the courthouse steps.

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    Hopefully, this will result in nothing more than a slap on the wrist for the father. Perhaps some stern words about not taking the law into one's own hands, followed by congratulations and a dismissal of charges from the judge would be in order.

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    From October 2011:


    A Paris court on Saturday convicted a German doctor of manslaughter in the 1982 death of his stepdaughter, bringing to a tentative close a 29-year crusade by the girl’s father to see the doctor brought to justice.

    The doctor, Dieter Krombach, 76, was sentenced to 15 years in prison...

    Kalinka’s body was found on a bed at Dr. Krombach’s home in Lindau, Germany, on July 10, 1982. An autopsy revealed a host of bizarre circumstances, including damage to her genitals, the presence of an unidentified whitish substance in her vagina, and a recent injection mark on her arm, which Dr. Krombach said came from an iron supplement he had administered to her on the evening of her death. According to a coroner’s report, Dr. Krombach was present at the autopsy.
    From June 2014:


    A court in Paris has given Frenchman Andre Bamberski a one-year suspended jail sentence for ordering the abduction of his daughter's killer.

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