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    Link of Interest

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    While it was likely worth just a few hundred dollars when it was stolen, the VW is now valued at about $27,000, he said.

    (from link above)


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    What is the interest? What is this about? TIA

    All kinds of hugs!


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    Oh, gosh. My 18 year old wants a VW van so BAD!!!! He has seen pics. of his dad and I and a "psychedelic" van that we had painted all over with big flowers and peace symbols and he HAS TO HAVE ONE!

    Most vehicles depreciate faster than you can say "boo." This van has gone from a couple hundred bucks in value to over $25K in value!

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    I have a 1962 VW Bus and he still runs with the ORIGINAL engine! I bought him in 1990. His name is Elvis.

    Unfortunately, Elvis is old and shows his many years but I love him. He is so much fun to drive. I paid $300.00 for him but get offers of a few thousand $$ for him sometimes.

    But I just can't give him up. People who aren't into old VW buses just don't understand, but we owners feel they are very special.

    And as years go by, you see less and less of them on the road. End of an era.

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