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    OR - Teen Saves Child from Abusing Dad

    Nichelle McKinney gets my vote as Hero of the Year. This young lady did not give up when she saw what she knew to be abuse. Read her story and I think you'll be impressed. If a young teen can call for help, adults can too. You go Nichelle!! Oregon is proud of you.


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    Outstanding article! It is so heartwarming to read a success story of a child saved before anything further is done. And for it to be complete strangers, willing to get involved and do the right thing makes me so happy. Think of how that one courageous act by the teenager will change so many lives for the better.

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    We should all be more like this young lady. I hope when the little girl gets older she's told of the young lady that saved her. Just think, she did save this little girl's life. Hopefully she's not damaged enough that she can't lead a normal life.

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    Oh that poor little girl! Thank God for you Nichelle :-)

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    I think the most impressive thing is that Nichelle followed the script which is taught to children. She first pointed out the abuse to her friend, who seemed uncomfortable at first to get involved, she then texted her grandmother, and when she didn't get a text back, she tapped an adult on the shoulder and asked for help. EXACTLY what everyone should do.

    Nichelle realized she needed some back-up and she didn't stop until she got it. And thank God for the adult woman who confronted the abuser. I'll bet Nichelle's family is glowing with pride. I'm so pleased when a plan comes together.

    Lizzybeth, I agree. I hope the child can be told someday about her guardian angel.

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    Thank goodness this girl was saved -- if this perv was molesting her in public, whatever was done @ home was probably worse.

    So glad there were people willing to stand up for this little one, especially the teen!
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    All these gals are true heroes! This man may have never been caught if it weren't for them! They saved his little daughter and a lot more potential victims from him!
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    wow, the tears are happy and sad with this one. way to go hero!
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


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    I wonder if something as life changing and validating as this can effect Nichelle's choice of future career? We need more "on the ball" judges, attorneys, police officers, teachers, and case workers like Nichelle. Hopefully, her teachers and family will reinforce this possibility.

    It's been said many times on this board that SOs don't wear T-shirts which say "Hi, I'm a Molester". Well, think about it. Reporters of sex abuse don't wear T-shirts identifying ourselves either. We get to go undercover every day. Perps better knock it off, we're watching and we WILL report!!

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    This is an awesome article and an awesome 14 year old!!!!!!
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    Wow. A beautiful 14 year old girl who was willing to do whatever she could do to protect a little girl she didn't even know. Most teens are so wrapped up in themselves that they wouldn't even notice a 6 year old, much less act on suspicions if they thought they might get ridiculed.

    Nichelle is a hero. A real hero. If she has this much courage and compassion at 14, imagine what a gift to our world she will be as a grownup!

    May God's richest blessings be given to her all the days of her life!

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    Great job Nichelle! You were very brave! I wish everyone could be more like Nichelle!

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    I think Nichelle gets the Junior Websleuther gold badge of the year!! Can we ask the mods to send her one?

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