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    RSO kills Santa

    Like these sickos don't do enough damage by their crimes. Poor kids and the good folks who made Christmas special for them now suffer another blow!

    "Volunteers will no longer be allowed to see the names and addresses of the children who wrote letters, so they can no longer personalize responses or deliver gifts to a child's home. The new policy comes after postal inspectors in Maryland discovered that a registered sex offender was part of the program."


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    I swear any day now we will hear an official announcement that Childhood itself has been cancelled altogether.

    When I compare life when I was a kid, happy and carefree, to life as children today have it, the two don't even resemble each other. It's so sad.

    But, in today's society, it is getting harder and harder to protect our children from these sexual predators, so whatever it takes to keep kids safe, I'm all for it.
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    That's terrible that one pervert spoiled it for all the people who do the Santa letters, can't they just do background checks?
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    This is really sad. Kids in this country lose their innocence too young.

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