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    UK - Suspicious wife posed as schoolgirl to trap paedophile husband

    Suspicious wife posed as schoolgirl to trap paedophile husband
    By Andy Bloxham
    Published: 7:00AM GMT 13 Nov 2009

    Cheryl Roberts, 61, suspected her husband David was accessing chatrooms to lure girls into sex so she set up a different computer in their home to pretend she was a 14-year-old girl and caught him in the act.

    A court heard she linked up with Roberts, 68, as he was in the study while she was in the neighbouring living room.

    Roberts, a former pub landlord, propositioned the "girl" asking her to meet her up for sex and Mrs Roberts was so shocked by his behaviour she contacted police who seized his computer, the court heard.

    Mrs Roberts, who is a mother-of-two, became suspicious about the amount of time her husband was spending in his study.


    "She had decided to pose as a schoolgirl to confirm her fears."

    He used a webcam to carry out acts of indecency on himself, which his wife could see on her computer as she was just yards away.

    The court heard she did not confront her husband but called in the NSPCC and the police instead.
    Full article: click here

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    Well then-let that be a lesson to those who lock themselves up with their computers, leaving your already suspicious spouse too much time to ponder a trap for you.
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    Wow, way to go lady. Gotta be a hard blow to find out your husband is soliciting young girls on the internet, but gotta give her tons of kudos for not barging in to the study and cold cocking him right in the jaw for being a perv!
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    Good for her! I am glad that she called and turned this sleaze in.
    Happy New Years

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    I love this lady! Good for her. I'm sorry she had to find out that her husband was a pedophile, but I'm so glad she did the right thing.

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    This lady is so fantastic. I hope that other ladies will follow suit if they suspect the same thing about their significant other. Kudos.
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