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    Angry OH - Cincinnati Grandma blows .415 while 5yr. old grandchild is in the car with her.


    DOWNTOWN – A grandmother was arrested and charged Tuesday with driving more than five times the legal limit – while her 5-year-old granddaughter was in the vehicle.

    Maria D. Krull, 46, of West Price Hill, was booked into the Hamilton County jail just before 7 p.m. She faces several charges: drunk driving; driving with a high blood alcohol level; child endangering; and driving under a license suspension for a previous drunk driving arrest.

    There a few choice words I'd like to say about this, but I'll get banned if I use them!!
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    GR-R-R-R! I'm a grandmother of five. I love them more than anyone else on this earth, how could a grandmother do something like this?

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    geez, how can you even handle that much alcohol!! she doesn't even look all out of it in her mugshot. what a jerk!

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    How does one not die with a BAC of .415?

    This woman should NEVER be left alone with her grandkids or any children ever again!