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    Why was the "mother" only held on $2,000 bail? That's a disgrace, no wonder she bonded out.
    Also, i agree, that the boyfriend needs to be charged as well, it's obvious from what was said that he was also a part of this.
    Thankfully the poor child is with her father now and notice her behavior is now fine.
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    "You don't know what to do, whether to call."


    Yes, we do know what to do....CALL!!!

    Err on the side of caution. Go out on a limb. If there's nothing going on, feathers will be ruffled but a child might survive or be spared horrible abuse. For all the flak DHS gets, they're all we have and some very caring and dedicated people work as caseworkers. We need to urge our lawmakers to give them the tools and the budget to do their jobs more efficiently but in the meantime--CALL!!!!

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    I have a granddaughter (aged 10) who has high functioning autism and bipolar disorder. She is an extremely beautiful and bright but challenging child. I've also raised numerous of my adopted children who have severe behavior issues. I know about rages. My granddaughter has broken her mother's wrist and bitten her to the bone. She has rages that last for hours. However......

    Our granddaughter is in a special class. Her mother is a teacher. The child has a team of specialists (available to any child in public school) who coordinate her education and care. Her mother has access to state-paid respite care for her. Police have been called on more than one occasion and our former daughter-in-law has been mortified but ready with documentation to show the officers what is going on. This is the tragedy of children's special needs. Behavioral disabilities are not a pretty thing. However....

    I really wonder if this child was a special needs child. If she was, she would have been receiving services at her school. It's not a maybe, it's a federal law. A team of people would have been involved in her Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and most likely, watching her very closely. I'm getting the feeling that this was a spirited child who rankled her mother. It sounds like her mom is going through a lot of stressors right now and had no time to deal with an acting out child. Thank God, the mother actually let the father know. Somehow, this child got out of that situation and to her dad's house. Hopefully, she will now get the help she needs. Hopefully, the other two girls will either be placed with loving family members or a great foster family. I can hope.

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    Mizzizzy - I have to disagree with your above post. I don't think this was a special needs or high spirited child. I think it was a HUNGRY child, crying out for food and maybe crying out because she was locked in her room. She probably threw her tantrums when the others were eating and she wasn't allowed to. I think this is an abused child crying out in pain and frustration for help and the physical necessities she needed to SURVIVE.

    As for the POS's stress - it sounds to me like she brought that stress upon herself when she chose to commit criminal acts. Sorry - no sympathy here.

    You know I agree with 90% of your posts and I love posting with you. And I know you have an incredible amount of experience dealing with some very tough, though, issues. But in this case, I think what we see, plain and simple, is a dirty, hungry, frustrated child that would have probably liked nothing better than a hot meal, a warm bath, clean clothes and a gentle hand. And I am praying she is getting all those things at her daddy's house.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    Here's another article: http://www.twincities.com/localnews/...nclick_check=1

    Little more detail about the child going to her father's. This poor baby. I hope her daddy is a good one. I'm thinking he is, because he immediately took her to the hospital.


    ETA: The WI police have not seen the child apparently, but the Tucson police have.

    From your link, Salem.

    Duesing-Christensen's daughter has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a search warrant affidavit.
    Good Lord! They make medicine for ADHD. Why was this POS using Benadryl???????
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.
    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    Salem--Please don't misunderstand me. I have no sympathy for this mother. We all frequently deal with stress but don't hurt our kids. I'm just trying to figure out the many factors in this tragic case. I have a strong tendency to search out the societal "causes" of breakdown. I'm always looking for ways to be more pro-active the next time around. This does not in ANYWAY forgive this mother for her terrible crime.

    If this child was diagnosed with ADHD, it is highly likely that she qualified for federally mandated services. Being so young and just starting school (unless she went to preschool, where services would have started), these services might have just been starting. Here's another reason to push hard for evaluation of all children presenting with challenges and disabilities--their very safety. There are still some states dragging their feet on evaluations up to as late as second and third grade, for heaven's sake!!

    I used the word spirited as I think that often it is the child with some spirit who gets the brunt of abuse. They don't just curl into a ball and take it. No, they fight back and rage and often get hurt far worse. I find it very sad that the 12 year old comments on the child's lack of compliance. That tells me that compliance is a virtue in that "home".

    You and I are on the very same page. This mother does not deserve that title and this fragile and hurt little girl needs our attention. Let's hope and pray that a loving dad, a good therapist, and a hard-working case-manager can pull her back from the brink.

    I also truly enjoy your posts, Salem, and respect your opinion greatly.

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    We are on the same page Missizzy! And I do hope this little girl gets all the attention she needs from all the necessary folks.

    I guess I just have suspicions about the child actually having ADHD. I'm thinking she was most likely acting out because she was hungry, the poor thing and this mom used it to get her diagnosed with something so that mom could justify her actions against the child.

    I'm just glad she is safe now!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MeoW333 View Post
    Why was the "mother" only held on $2,000 bail? That's a disgrace, no wonder she bonded out.
    Also, i agree, that the boyfriend needs to be charged as well, it's obvious from what was said that he was also a part of this.
    I know a lot of people have been remaking on the low bail. One thing to remember is that Wisconsin does not allow bail bondsmen--she, or someone she knows, will have to come up with the cash. $2,000 is kind of a high bail in Wisconsin. As far as I can tell, she has not posted bond--you can look up her case here: http://wcca.wicourts.gov/index.xsl , and I see no notation that she has posted bond.

    I'm extremely surprised that the boyfriend hasn't been charged!

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    2nd person arrested in alleged abuse of child
    The Reporter • December 24, 2009


    The boyfriend of a woman accused of beating and drugging a 5-year-old child has been arrested in connection with the case.

    A 37-year-old Columbus man was taken into custody Wednesday by police, according to a press release issued by the Columbus Police Department.

    Charges sought against the man include physical abuse of a child and three counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child.

    Second arrest made in Columbus abuse investigation


    Columbus Police reported Wednesday that Kenneth Faria, 37, was arrested in Madison. According to a press release, they will seek charges of felony physical abuse of a child and three counts of first degree sexual assault of a child against Faria. He was booked into the Columbia County Jail on Wednesday.

    Columbus Police arrested Faria after reviewing reports and statements from the Tucson, Ariz., Police Department, which had conducted an investigation with the victim. The victim had been sent out of state to stay with her father.

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    Oh my. This is so sad. Will this ever stop!!!
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    Now we know why there was so much screaming and drugging...sexual abuse of a 5 year old. Dear God.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda7NJ View Post
    She will never do 29 years.....and even that is no where near enough!
    Well she might do 15. I don't know about that state, but in California, they take the initial sentence, chop it in half, and that's their initial release date (pending no probs in jail). We're pretty over-crowded here, so maybe it's different there.

    Still makes me want to puke though.


    ETA: my son can drive me loopy sometimes (like right now when he's making a video for you tube and trying to video me even though I keep telling him no), but I'd never ever think of such a thing. Why can't these mom's just let it roll off their back.
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    Wow... the true story comes out. I was just going to write how my 6-1/2 year old stepdaughter was diagnosed by her school as having ADD -- and she was having major problems with her mother, who kept telling my late husband that his daughter was acting out and uncontrollable. When my stepdaughter came to live with us and go to a different school, the school said she was a bit behind, but was a normal child, no ADD. Ultimately, we figured out my stepdaughter was acting out because of problems at home with the mother. (I believe her mother has Borderline Personality Disorder).

    IMO -- there are probably lots of kids who are diagnosed as having ADD that are really acting our because of a horrific home life. That kind of diagnosis raises a red flag with me ever since my experiences with my stepdaughter. And now-- we find out that little Faria was physically and sexually abused-- and drugged. No wonder she acted like she did!

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    This case is similar in some ways to the Warren Henkelman case in Wisconsin. We're waiting on his competency hearing to see if he can stand trial. Trust me, the man's competent. I've read his blogs. He's just a pedophile plain and simple and he raped his own little girl and her friend.

    She also acted out, which was very out of character. She was noted to be aggressive and mean-spirited with boys at school. She was destructive. She'd get suspended from school and guess where she'd stay? Yep, home with Dad. More acting out--a vicious cycle. Schools and therapists are trained to watch for this kind of behavior. It's often the first thing they look at when a child suddenly acts out. Children often just don't have the words or they've been threatened and are terrified.

    It sounds as if this little 5 year old was really put through the wringer. Thank goodness, she's safe now. She needs stability, therapy, and good medical care. Her mother's rights need to be terminated--to all her children.

    Penelope, I hope your little stepdaughter gets the help she needs. She's a lucky one as she's got you to help advocate.

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    See, one of the problems with ADD is that too few people really understand what it is. ADD does not mean just bad behavior. You can have ADD and be a quiet student. It is a learning difference because most all the time ADD is seen together with learning disabilities.
    Would you believe there are actually parents who will not let their children be identified?
    This is a horrible situation, but it is repeated every day in America, I pray people will educate themselves.
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