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    KS - Lesley Smith, 38, Lawrence, 26 Jan 2004

    It's been more than 150 days of waiting and wondering for Gary and Marilyn Anderson.

    "Everybody thinks as time goes by -- I thought as time went by -- that it would get easier," Marilyn Anderson said. "It doesn't get easier. It gets harder because it's just one more day that she's not here, that we have no word."

    Marilyn Anderson's only child, 38-year-old Lesley Smith, disappeared Jan. 26 from the couple's west Lawrence home.

    "I went to bed about 10:45 p.m.," Marilyn Anderson said. "Les and I said our goodnights and ‘I love yous' as we did every night."

    But when the couple awoke the next morning, their daughter was gone. Her bed hadn't been slept in. Her purse with her driver's license, credit cards and much-needed asthma medication sat untouched on her dresser.

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    "Under a recent federal law, hospitals won't confirm whether Lesley is a patient, so the two have driven to every hospital in Kansas and Missouri, looking for the van in the hospital parking lots".

    Whether this missing woman is 38 or 18..............this family want's to know where she is and I think they have a right to.

    The above law..............where hospital's can no long confirm if there daughter is there or not is the most rediculous law ever enacted. Here in San Diego if you're son or daughter (my son is 37 and was having surgery) is admited to a hospital they ask him at the front desk to sign the "privacy law" paper. I looked at the woman at the counter and told my son to NOT SIGN IT! If he had I would not have been able to call the hospital and see how he was!~ IT simply outrageous. The girl at the desk looked at me like I was nuts. Amazing isn't it...........that someone else has an opinion............has read the privacy act and refused to sign it. MOST people do sign it and have no idea what they're getting into.

    I'll say a prayer for this family.

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    Body of Woman Missing Since 2004 Found in Clinton Lake


    Meagan Kelleher, FOX 4 Web Producer
    4:02 PM CDT, September 23, 2010

    CLINTON LAKE - The body of a woman missing since 2004 was found in Clinton Lake on Tuesday, the Douglas County Sheriff and Lawrence Police Department announced on Thursday.

    Lesley M. Smith was reported missing by a family member on January 27, 2004. Smith's body was found inside her parent's vehicle over 175 feet offshore in about 19 feet of water. Police do not suspect any foul play.

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    Oh, sounds like she was depressed and this was intentional.


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    Family dealing with end of 7-year mystery


    As coroner’s investigators identified the body using dental records and ruled no foul play was involved, it brought to close a nearly seven-year mystery.


    The coroner’s report has ruled drowning as the cause of death. Police said they would not comment about how the vehicle could have ended up in the lake.

    The Andersons said they believe it was an accident, but are also trying not to think about that question any more.

    “It will get better because now we don’t have that question: Where is she?” Marilyn Anderson said. “That’s the thing that drives you insane.”

    Even though the search was such a big part of their lives the last six years, the Andersons continued to try to carry on with their lives the best they could. Gary Anderson is a supervisor for R.D. Johnson Construction, and Marilyn Anderson is a loan administrator at Lawrence Bank.

    “Don’t give up hope. Hang in there, but live your life every day,” Marilyn Anderson said as a message to families of missing persons. “Don’t seclude yourself from your normal routine. You’ve got to have the support of people around you.”

    They are planning a private service for their daughter and a more public ceremony later.

    Much more: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2010/se...-year-mystery/

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